Members and Guests

This still throws me every time I see these statistics. Every day there are a hundred members or so and thousands of guests on here. Please explain the reasoning of this to me. How does this work. Why so many guests.

@Hellokitten So - I believe there are two things going on.

  1. guests mean just that. They are folks checking out the forums to see if they like what they see and wish to join. We hope they do. The program we use counts each visit to a page, or each click to another page as one. I can’t do much about that.

  2. there are likely search engine bots checking out our site, which is also a good thing as with any luck we’ll show up on various search engines. :slight_smile:

At least this is my understanding based on discussions with @Name_Null in the past. :slight_smile:

@Hellokitten I had the same question! Char was kind enough to answer. I do think there are a lot of hesitant lurkers if you will. Hopefully they will see what a great site this is and jump right in! :fk:

JMHO: I imagine a lot of us, if not most of us, jumped in right at the beginning. It was exciting and fun and we had a reason to do it, but now the hard work begins. I think as more take a look (even if it’s a long look) more will join and then as more join, it gives other ‘watchers’ more confidence. I guess it simply takes time and this site is relatively new. We know it’s a good site put together and monitored by good people. Hang in there all…

Agreed - it takes all of us providing quality crafty content to make the site a success. We’ll get there TOGETHER. :fk:

If it wasn’t for the great group of people here, it wouldn’t be a success. I’m proud to be here and call it home. :slight_smile:

Just another thought I had and please no one take offense. It is not a criticism as I mean it to be constructive.

Perhaps if we do more posting, you know, starting new topics and commenting about the topic (as opposed to just hitting the ‘like’ button) so that there is more activity. I know it’s hard for just the few (relatively speaking) to generate a lot of activity, but I think that would help us.

When I check in to take a look, I only see a few new topics of interest to me. I can go through them very quickly before I’m off to other sites that I am involved in. I don’t stay very long because there isn’t enough (topics/postings) to keep me here and get to know the personalities that are here.

I’m as guilty as the next, but I do try to throw up questions or post a pattern I’ve come across in the hopes of stimulating conversations and interactions. Sometimes it has worked and sometimes not. I think that posting a topic and having 7 ‘likes’ is not the same as having a conversation about the topic. As an aside, maybe my topics haven’t been too good :{

I may be way off base in the direction of my thinking. I don’t know that this will help us grow, but it’s something we could all think about?

I’d be interested in hearing what you all think or if anyone else has any constructive measures we could take to help this site grow. I’m sure that we have all told our friends about it, but I mean beyond that. Is there anything else that we might be doing?

@susanwayne - you are not off at all. We need everyone to contribute quality crafting content. We get new members every day, and showing them that we are a fun, active group is how we get members to stay and contribute. Today we have had a lot of new members - some are already contributing, which is wonderful! :slight_smile: I believe we are all worried about being doxxed in some way, though. Which is understandable, but why it takes a “village” here. If you see something that is inappropriate, use the flag to notify the moderators and we’ll handle it. Otherwise, craft and share!

Definitely everyone needs to post! I do my part, blabbermouth that I am. I think if everyone, including the shy introverts, please, would post a little something every day. Just say something that comes to your mind. It’s all pretty much anonymous here, so don’t be shy!

I agree with everyone. Hoping I can help out with spinning and weaving content more this year.

Weaving!!! She’s already talking about weaving!!! :fk:

I just “liked” your post @susanwayne and was about click away, then laughed at myself. I was doing just what I’d agreed we should try not to do, lol.

Starting early, but your post made my day!

I will try to make at least 3 posting a day (maybe more if I have time to log on a second time. If we all tried to do that…

I think it’s still okay to just ‘like’ a cartoon or a joke in the funnies section. Sometimes there is simply nothing to say except to laugh. What do you think?

Definitely! It’s not necessary to comment on everything. But speak up when something comes to mind, just as you would with your friends.

@ hellokitten But as @ ellendeknitter so humorously pointed out, it’s so easy to just scroll through admiring or laughing at something and not leave a comment.

I find myself doing that too. If I make a conscious effort, it will become second nature to comment rather than just clicking on the like button

@knitter131 I’m trying to remember as well. Considering that I can’t remember much these days it’s going to be a challenge!
I think once this site is well established we will all be able to go back to simply liking a post and moving on, actually posting occasionally. But for now? I’m going to try to post more than I was doing.

You guys make my heart sing. :heart::heart:

@ char You guys (admins) make this all possible. and we thank you for it. We are just willing to do what we can to help the site grow.

@susanwayne - I have to say - this group makes it easy to do for. You are quite welcome. :fk: