Member suggestions for extra features

I really love this site and see it’s very well set up and I have no big suggestions - just as a minute thing, if easily feasible, it would be cool to be able to see also afterward who liked your posts

@sheiskanen - if you click on the “like” button you should see a list. Is this what you mean?

thanks, @Char - this is what I meant - you are always helpful! - a simple answer for a silly question

Not silly at all - I’m glad to help :slight_smile:

@Char - would it be feasible to be able to invite friends to join by email? - or is this already an option I just haven’t found yet?

While we’re in this topic, I would love to be able to bookmark or favorite posts. I have to go back and search for an idea someone suggested and sometimes can’t remember where to look.

Let me see if what I can figure out. :-). I’ll be at my desk tomorrow and will look then.

I agree, this would be great!

This would be awesome!!

But we still can’t like a comment to a post. We have to do it the old fashioned way - with another comment.

Do we have a search function? I thought we did. I could be hallucinating.

Yes we have a search option - on a desktop it is to the right of the banner, on the mobile it is under the banner where the other list is

@sheiskanen - it does not appear you can email from FiberKind to invite your friends. I do hope, however, you’ll email them a personal invite! :slight_smile: We’d love to have them.

@FreedomLover - we have looked, and it does not seem like we can bookmark specific posts. HOWEVER - did you know if you click on the “number” of the post (So this is #6) it gives you a link you can copy and save to your bookmarks? You could have one for FiberKind and title them so they are meaningful to you, and the bookmark can bring you directly to that post. If I can help with this let me know.

I own a LYS. I am stuck with Ravelry because of the ability to purchase patterns for my customers in a just in time manner at a percentage split (where I still make money, which helps cover my printing costs and gives me incentives to not just buy patterns from big distributors). I will switch over business to any forum that offers me a similar option.

Welcome to Fiberkind! This community is just a year old and work is being done to build databases, so this could be an option for you in time.

Welcome to FiberKind - we do plan to offer it someday!!! In the meantime please tell us more about your LYS!

Welcome to Fiberkind!!

Welcome! Where is your LY S? We would love to help support you.

I didn’t know that about the post# link! Very handy!

Welcome to Fiberkind! Hope to hear more about you and your shop!