May 2022 Chatter

Hey - I am behind on the May 2022 chatter thread. :slight_smile: Here it is!!!

It seems that a lot of the things I like may be described as “Cottage Core” or “cottagecore” these days. A new word or phrase for an old-time concept.

Here are some interesting links -


At the first link, several Fiber Arts (KNITTING, CROCHET, and EMBROIDERY) are listed as leading activities!


It’s May already?! This year is flying by … just sayin’.

My Wip this week is a project I started a while ago.

Mine is not turning out as perfect as hers is. Comparing my work with hers was one of the reasons I put it in a time out.
I hope to finish it up soon. I only have about 12 squares to go then I will work a border and call it done. (I think…)

Lol…CottageCore is that fancy talk for I have not followed trends in so long I am now trendy??
Joking aside. There are lots of things about that trend I love. A bit more relaxed and comfy than some of the other trends I have been alive for.

knit quilt.jpg

Finally finished my April socks.


Yes it is - crazy isn’t it???

May The Forth Be With You

And with your spirit…

Fun Article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal comparing cottagecore with classic cottage. I think about how dusty the ruffles etc would get. I think it would make a cool sunroom or other small unexpected space though.

My son: I have to turn this paper in, take the AP US history exam, and then I will be a senior
Me: don’t you have four weeks of school left?
Son: yeah but that’s all I have to do before finals. Then I will be a senior.

I like your colors better than the ones she used. I can’t see your very well, but it looks like a cozy project, and also, to a crocheter like me, it looks hard to do that in knitting!

Cute! You did handle the colors very well.

I totally forgot about this yesterday…oh, well! We have a young friend who is a Star Wars fiend. I think he’s down on a visit to Disneyworld with his family. I’ll be that was fun!

So - yesterday I sent four more quilt tops to be long armed. I had to admit defeat on the graduation gift - the quilt was so big it kept making my embroidery hoop get all caught up and skipping around on me.

I have three other quilt tops I need to join and add borders to, quilt if they aren’t too big. I really need to learn quilt as you go. Lol

How are you all doing??

Thankfully Today is a new day.
Yesterday I tried many, many times to get those squares perfect on my WIP. After an hour of trying and ripping back I put the project at arms distance from me and went and grabbed a new skein of yarn and crochet hook.

Decided to do a simple shell design. Well, I got stuck. Hubby came home and I put all yarn down for the day. Everything got put in a time out.

Really…when all yarn and every pattern is giving me trouble I know the problem is with my brain and not my supplies. So, I put myself in a crafting time out.
We went for a walk and were able to find some of these little caterpillars. When they are upset the orange swells up and they look a bit scary.

Anyone know how our crafting friends in the Texas/Oklahoma area are doing after last nights terrible tornadoes and storms?? When I went to bed that is where the major issues were. I have found this YouTuber to be very informative to watch. I am trying to learn from him, but yesterday things got so dangerous and crazy all I could do was watch and try to learn the weather lingo.

Blk and Or Catapillar.jpg

@Char, What is long-arming?

@MBearMakes - it is a machine made to quilt quilts up and down a frame, often computerized. The machine moves back and forth along the fabric and quilt, as opposed to the fabric moving back and forth. They are very expensive machines and take up a lot of room (frames are often 10-12 feet long).

Wow, sounds impressive! Thanks for the explanation!

Happy Finished Friday everyone.
I was finally able to finish some thing this week.

The headband was, sort of, finished in March. That’s when the design work was finished. It has sat in my desk area since then, when suddenly it dawned on me it could be a head band. I folded it in half lengthwise, sewed that edge and then sewed the ends together. I had enough of a tail of the original yarn to do all the sewing.

My ocean blanket is so cozy. Years ago I told myself I wanted either a shawl or a blanket that reminded me of the ocean. So happy to finally finish one. I used up many skeins of Loops & Threads Country Loom yarn. I used a mystery skein at the bottom for the darkest sand color. It is folded in half in this picture. It is wide and long enough to cover me when I lay on the couch.

Perfect for days I am not ready to face the world. :fk:

blu-green headband.jpg

ocean blanket.jpg

I finished 3 more squares this week but also started back on some fiber prep and spinning.

IMG_1554 (1).jpg