May 2020 FO's

Show off your May Finished projects! Crochet & Knitted items are acceptable here. :fk:

The 2nd earwarmer I made from the Whims Merino I received with the Furls hook using the Star Stitch.
I really like this stitch!


@Char - yes it will!

Such lovely work! I’m still stashbusting away, so this is not a choice of colours I especially like, but as a centre for my garden table it will do. I couldn’t spread it out, as the garden table needs a damn good clean off and my usual alternative, my bird food store, has been rendered impossible by the gratitude of feathered friends.


Very nice! I think it’s going to look great on your garden table!

The colors are lovely!

Wow. Very nicely done. This is going to look amazing on your garden table. Lovely colors.

I finished my flower pillows for the patio.


Those are beautiful!!! :slight_smile:

Oh wow! I’ll gladly come sit with you on your patio. Those are so pretty!

@Char and @TexasPurl Thank you! It was a fun and quick project but I found the worsted yarn hard on my hands after working with fingering weight for so long on the blanket. It felt like I was crocheting with rope!

Those are so nice. I hope you bring them inside in bad weather, right?

@knitter131 Thank you! I think I’ll be sticking to the lighter weight yarns from now on too. Fingering weight crochets up like butter compare to worsted.

@Hellokitten Thank you! Yes, these pillows will be brought in at night and on bad weather days!

So fun! They’ll add sunshine for sure.

Wow! Those are sooo pretty!

I love those colors, particularly for summer. Pretty!

Nesting baskets from t-shirt yarn. 6 t-shirts (XL), cut into strips. Size Q hook.


Thank you all! You’re right, once it was on the table in the sun it looked good.

I completed this pretty test for @CherylDeeCrochet. It so soft & warm. Watch for the pattern on her site soon!