May 2020 Community Chatter ?

Here is a thread for May 2020 Chatter. For those of us in the northern hemisphere spring is in full force, flowers will begin blooming, and we’ll all look forward to getting out for some summer sun. In the southern hemisphere you are likely headed into your winter colder season. May you always have warmth in your home and your heart.

We all need positive vibes, inspiration and uplifting moments shared. Share your projects, your flowers, or whatever else moves you. I look forward to seeing what May brings.


Happy May everyone! My goal this month is to finish a WIP, any WIP will do. I currently have 5. [LIST=1]

  • Mills Cardigan in Malabrigo Worsted...Needs sleeves & shawl collar.
  • Bag Lady Bag...Needs pockets & straps.
  • Edie Tee in Dream Baby...Almost at sleeve separation point.
  • Bruges Lace Doily...making flowers for outer ring.
  • Stay Longer Sweater in Cascade - Fascination...Just past the sleeve separation.
  • Fishtail Wristwarmers in Wool Tree Yarn Merino Silk...1/3 of the way on 2nd. (Found with stash, notes say I started in 2015 :eek:) [/LIST] We'll see what this list looks like at the end of the month!
  • Good afternoon!!! I am donating 50 more masks today to a local nursing home. Then on to the next two orders. :slight_smile:


    Yes, I’m just trying to figure out how to tempt you further in the sock area. :slight_smile:

    Bless you, this is such a generous thing you are doing.

    You are so dedicated!! Good for you!

    Wow! You are a machine!!
    Very generous of you!

    Wow, you are so productive.

    Well, I am pleased to announce that I have finished my Battenberg Blanket!!!




    Oh my, oh my, oh my! It is absolutely amazing! You should be so proud! Very nice work @Kathy7661.

    This is stunning, you need to take a bow.

    Beautiful. Very professional.

    I went off the UFO a bit and did a quickie baby blanket & washcloths. Also, finally got a pic of the bit of Mandala Madness I came down with.

    For a Babe.jpg

    Mandala Madness.jpg

    @TexasPurl Thank you so much! :heart:

    Holy cow! (Can I say that here?) You work at warp speed, although once you get a rhythm it’s not so bad. So I’m imagining all the recipients that will be so grateful to have a mask, and a very nice one at that. Thanks for doing this for others, @Char, it’s such a kind thing to do.

    I’m waiting for that Edie Tee…

    The baby blanket and washcloths are beautiful! The blanket looks so soft and cuddly.
    And the mandalas are gorgeous!

    Thank you @Kathy7661. A tough follow for your Battenberg though.

    Awww - thank you guys. I haven’t done much of anything else. I don’t believe I have even finished the towel I have been working on. There is such a need.

    Wow - definitely an item to be treasured for sure. You have a right to be very proud!