Matryushka Russian doll stitch markers anyone?

Matryushka Russian doll stitchmarkers… I made these snag-free, and in crochet or knitting style…

Set of 4 is €10



I love them!

I love your quote @Orthodox_Maiden !

what’s the difference between crochet stitch markers, and knitting stitch markers?

@SDMcDaniel , it looks like some are openable and some aren’t. The openable ones could be used for either, but the ones that aren’t could only be used for knitting by putting them on the needles.

Thank you @ilexedits, for answeringSDMcDaniel 's question. I’m on holiday at the moment, & not on the internet much!

Those that don’t open could also be used when working with a long flexible afghan hook that you use when crocheting wide items like an afghan/tunisian stitch patterned blanket.

Thank you! It’s one of my favorite quotes. :blush: