Matching quilting thread to panel colours

I have a baby quilt panel that is quite colourful - I’m unsure whether to try and match the colour of the thread with whatever I’m quilting, or to just go ahead and use white on everything. The downside of trying to match is that there are at least ten different colours with the hassle of changing threads each time. The downside of using just plain white is I’m afraid it will take away the overall effect of the picture. Any thoughts?

Do you know what type of quilting you’re going to do?

@FreedomLover I will be quilting by hand and following items in the panel - teddy bear, blocks, blanket, etc.

I think the white should be fine, if you were machine quilting an all over pattern it might not be.

@FreedomLover I think I will be heading that way and just using white - thanks for your vote of confirmation. I’m taking it on a ten-day road trip and I’m a little hesitant to be juggling all those colours!

That would be a lot of juggling in a confined space.

I agree with the all white. :slight_smile: