Match cast on to bind off

Okay y’all, I know I should have decided this before I even started, but, well, too late now.

Is there a bind off that matches the knitted cast on?

I’ve made a garter stitch scarf by casting on long-ways (350 stitches on the needle) to achieve a long striped design. I used the knitted cast on because it is so simple to do and so clean looking. Normally, I don’t worry about the cast on/ bind off question with a scarf because the ends are short and often obscured by fringe. But this time the ends are the 6’ long sides of the darn thing…

Any suggestions???

Are you able to upload a picture of your cast on? :slight_smile:

I can try @Char. Usually my 20-something does that for me. They are handy for things like that. She’s grown and lives elsewhere.

My church is about to start virtual Palm Sunday services. I will try afterwards.

@Char - Hopefully there’ll be a picture here…


May I ask, how stretchy is the cast on edge?

If you lay down a yardstick or measuring tape, then pick up a 3-inch section of the scarf, what length does it comfortably stretch to?

@qfknit A 3" section stretches to 5" when pulled out firmly.

I thought I added a comment under the picture, but apparently I didn’t.

One side of the edge stitch looks like a standard bind off, but the other side doesn’t. I did try a standard bind off but it didn’t really match. It kinda sorta matched, and I can use it if I have to.

I have never tried it, but I wonder if this would work for you. The video says not to use on scarfs, but maybe you could go down a needle size and it won’t stretch it out oddly?

@EllenDeKnitter - you might consider trying the Simple Stretchy Bind Off, demonstrated by VeryPink Knits, in a March 4, 2015 YouTube video.

Thanks @qfknit and @Char !
I will take a look at both suggestions.
I appreciate you guys taking the time to help!

Be safe, be well!

Just used the Simple Stretchy Bind-Off that @qfknit referenced and really liked the result.

Did a Google search on " bind-off to match knitted cast-on" and this came up as a reply on a forum where someone had the same situation:

I do a bind off the regular way. You know, knit two stitches, pass one over the other. But I purl the stitches on the right side row rather than knitting them. This cast off matches the cast on row and is about the same width so your cast off doesn’t look flared out. Just something I figured out messing around experimenting.

@Woolfan - glad that technique worked for you! I use it a lot, including binding off ribbing, in pattern. :slight_smile:

@qfknit , I can see where it would be great for ribbing! Recently finished an “Icterine” curl from Hunter Hammersen’s book “Curls”. I tried a couple of bind-off’s but didn’t like the look. The “Simple Stretchy Bind -Off” worked great for binding off in pattern!

@Woolfan - I looked for the book and found three!
Curls (2014), Curls 2 (2016), Curls 3 (2018). They all look great.
May I ask, which book(s) do you have?


@qfknit, I have books 1 & 2, “Icterine” is from book 1. I had roughly 69" of yarn left from about 660 yds of Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in the color “Sterling”. I was seduced by the look of the projects, but am not sure if I’ll make more. For me, it’s just a weird shape to try to wear. YMMV. If I might make a suggestion, see if your library has a copy of the books and try making your first from a borrowed book before committing to buying.

@Woolfan - thanks for the great idea. I found the cover image on book #2 very interesting but also wondered about the overall shape.
At the moment I started a different leafy shawl… so far very pleased with how it is coming along but alas I may end up playing yarn chicken… looked online to purchase an extra skein but it was marked out-of-stock (was collecting email addresses of those who wished to be notified if/when the yarn is back in stock).

Hi @Woolfan - I think we’re OK straying a bit off-topic here if we remain compartmentalized, limited to a single string of comments attached to one reply, rather than making a bunch of reply level posts.
(I hope!)
I’ve amassed quite a collection of lace leaf designs over the years… :slight_smile: … at the moment I am knitting a shawl inspired by the design on the cover of the book “One + One” by Iris Schreier… but with several customized changes. :slight_smile:

@qfknit, the author says that the concept of the Curls started with her swatching stitch patterns, so if you love the stitch patterns in the books, it would probably be possible to adapt the patterns (or most of the patterns) to another shape. Might try that later, but wanted to try it as written to test the Curl shape.

Ohhhh, “leafy” bodes well! I hate to take this so off-topic, but may I ask which pattern you’re knitting? Shawls/shawlettes & cowls are kinda my knitting crack. :roll_eyes: I hope that you are pleasantly surprised and WIN at yarn chicken!!! :smiley::crossed_fingers:

Ooooooh, @qfknit, I looked up the book and the shawl looks delicate and so lovely! Hope to see your F.O. posted on the Shawl Lovers forum! I have to figure out how to get decent photos to post there since my phone camera is kerput. :thinking: Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy other’s postings! :blush: