Marketplace Categories


I’m currently a vendor in the marketplace. Up until today, I’ve only shared downloadable patterns. I’d like to list some of my knit & crochet books for sale.

I set up the items, however, the categories for books (knit & crochet) are hidden.

Could you please activate those categories?

@TexasPurl Hi! Digital or hard copy?

@Char - Original Hard Copy

Books sound like a terrific addition!

@Admin ???

@TexasPurl Are you destashing or are these books you’ve written? If you’re destashing, you can post in two other places.

ISO & Destash Group:
Swap Meet:

@Admin @Char Hi…I agree about posting in those 2 places, however, I really think the question is can they be listed in the marketplace. If they could be, then the Marketplace would receive a % of the sale, and, the marketplace would allow for calculation of shipping. It would also allow anyone shopping the marketplace who is not on the 2 groups to find and purchase books :slight_smile:

I guess I thought the marketplace was more for new items from designers and yarnies and other shopkeepers and less of a place for destashes. I could be wrong about that though. Most people destashing are selling at a loss or for cost, so I don’t know how many would want to post in a place where they’d lose more money to the site and then again more money to PayPal. Just my experience from running a big destash group on Rav.