March Craft Month - the finish line

How did your month go? Do you feel good about your accomplishments?

Don’t forget to weigh your WIPs and add those into your totals!

Let’s leave this “open” through April 4th so everyone has a chance to post. :slight_smile:

I was conservative with my goals so I met and exceeded them.

Yardage from FOs = 843 yards
Yardage from WIPs = 2,591 yards

Total for the month = 3,434 yards
Goal for the month = 5,000 yards

I was too ambitious in choosing my goal. I estimated 2,100 yards used in February; I should have chosen 1.5 times February (3,150) instead of rounding up the doubled amount (4,200).

Well, I set my goal very low and didn’t even get halfway to it, but I’m very happy with what progress I did make.

My goal was 2 miles I used 1.41 mile
Not bad, considering that I wasn’t knitting much this month

I forgot to stick this thread, so I’m going to go through and give one final review. And then I’ll list out prizes! Thank you for all that participated! :fk:

I posted in the other thread, but I’ll post here too (although I totally understand if I’m posting too late) … I was able to knit/crochet 1000 yards as per my goal, but my sewing only made 4 of the 10 for my goal.

So 1 part met, the other part nearly half met. Not bad overall!

I had never really tracked yardage before so I had no idea what to set as a goal. I exceeded my goal but I think a mile was a good goal for me under usual circumstances. I’ve been knitting a lot more overall this month because of an injury. Well, after I got past taking pain medication and sleeping all day anyway. For a few days there I didn’t do much of anything. :laughing: