March 2023

Can you believe it is March already?

And March is “Craft Month”!!!

I want to make something beautiful. Maybe a lot of something beautifuls.


This month, I am going to give a lot of yarn to the senior center in town. I want to free myself up for happy crafting!


I completely forgot it was a new month and posted my yarn storage pics in February. Sorry everyone.

Not much to see. Just that I store my stuff in containers and in places I have found to fit. On a closet shelf, under a desk, and next to that desk.

I should follow @MBearMakes and find some to give away. That is a great idea.


Finally, I was able to finish a cardigan. At least I have one FO for February. This week I started a little cardigan for my daughter, going to be super quick knitting due to small size and big needles. I like such WIPs


Your color choices go together beautifully :sparkling_heart:


I actually have a WIP Wednesday post on a Wednesday…provided I post in the next 10 minutes! I am working on a Diamond Blanket Shawl for my friend. There will be 13 repeats of the diamond, so I still have a way to go, but the yarn and pattern are SO pretty! The green is a Yoda hat I am making for my niece and her family. They are expecting their second child in June and are massive Star Wars fans, especially the one with Baby Yoda. (I can’t remember what the show is called!) I’ve already made a newborn hat (that’s the last pic) and am now working on the one for my niece, then I will make hats for her husband and their 2-year-old. I will also be making a tan Baby Yoda sweater for the new baby and a baby blanket from the same tan and green.


On the first day of March I made a chicken pin cushion. I’m thinking about joining the local quilt guild and March they are having a pin cushion exchange.


Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, some hand spun WOTA roving that I dyed way back in June.


Those are so adorable!


That hat!:grin:. I want one!
My daughter wants a Baby Grogu but I keep forgetting. Maybe for her birthday next month! I’m going to make the Purlgirl for myself soon.


Love the projects. Thank you all for the pictures.
I have put down the blanket for a few days…because there is a glitch in my pattern system and I have to adjust the color rows and then keep going. It will be a design element and I will be happy about it…lol.

I started one of my fingerless glove patterns. Decided to go basic and easy and relaxing. Love the yarn. (It’s the one I bought when I saw @Majormomma in person)

I had a cold, but sunny day today so got outside for a bit. The mountains near me have too much snow. It think I heard the famous Donner Pass…(the Donner Party location) has over 50 inches of snow so far with more storms coming. Blizzards, Avalanches etc up there… Of course…no power. How r u all? Heard there were tornados and such going on.

Stay prepared and safe out there. :fk:


On the second day of March I browsed some quilt books looking for a project, then went to work…

Went downhill from there. Backstory: I fell and hit my head Monday. Went to work Tuesday and wasn’t all “there”. I went home early, and a friend came to sit with me, make sure I was ok. I am an accountant and couldn’t do simple math. I did do some sewing and obviously that went awry half way through - it is supposed to be light every other color.

Today I went back to the office and I found mistakes I had made Tuesday which made me concerned enough to go in and make sure nothing was wrong. Mistakes that are definitely not like me to make.

Spent the afternoon in the ER. No brain bleed but I do have a concussion. I need to take it easy for a few days. Limit screen time, don’t do overly mentally strenuous things. Sleep early, sleep in if I can. I can try an easy pattern tomorrow if I am up to it and don’t need “a screen” for the pattern.

Here’s hoping for a better March 3rd.


My older niece is 14 years younger than me and was always more like my baby sister than my niece. She and her husband had their first baby in 2019, but he died before he was born at 8 months. They knew from about 4 months in that he would most likely not survive due to an extreme kidney malformation. They had genetic testing which found no potential problems in their genetics and the doctor said it was just a random thing. They had their second about a year later and he is now a happy, healthy 2-year-old. They are expecting their third this June and at what was supposed to be a routine prenatal check, discovered that he also has major problems with his kidneys (completely different from their first). They see seeing a specialist soon to see what to expect and what can be done. I’m not particularly religious myself, but I very much believe in the power of prayer and positive energy so if you wonderful ladies would pray for them (Megan and Rip) I would be very grateful.


Well…I was a bit confused as to how much snow they have up in my nearby mountains. They did get about 44+ inches…but that was a one day total. (march 01) The Total so far this season…is … 464 inches around the Tahoe/Donner area.

Here are a couple of links for anyone interested in the total for the Donner Pass area of the world.

UC Berkeley snow lab


Oh no. I hope you feel better soon.
When my son was recovering from a TBI/concussion we watched a ton of old black and white movies. Closed curtains, lights dimmed, limited sound and black and white screen time only.
Perry Mason, Dragnet, I love Lucy, HoneyMooners, Mystery Noir, Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, just to name a few.

:revolving_hearts:The quilt top is wonderful. I would keep it…add to it if you can while you are recovering. Then turn it into a keepsake from this time in your life. The lap blanket I made while recovering from the worst of covid is Horribly Wonderful. I still use it and share it with my dog.

edit to add…use dark mode on electronics


Yup - dark mode, listening to my body. Sleeping early and late. Taking it easy, and just a little sewing.

On the 3rd day of March I made this quilt block.

Not much at all. Wishing it was more? But really…. At least the pattern was done correctly and my intersection looks pretty good.


I just woke up from a nap. :slight_smile:

On the 4th day of March I finished a NICU quilt top. :slight_smile:


This is so cute. You are on a roll for March. Do you have a crafting goal this month?

I should make a goal. So far I have been encouraged by everyone photos and posts about what they are doing.


My only goal for March is to try and do a bit more, which does involve keeping the cat off - hopefully we’ll get some milder weather and he’ll go out more. In the meantime I have done my Pokemon for March, Eevee. Please ignore the grotty corner in the background, I’m waiting for a good dry day to clear up some stuff.


My goal is to do something crafty every day and share it here. :slight_smile:

I started another scrappy trip around the world quilt. This one will have black going down the center of each block.

I started a second block, then a friend came over and we cut a king size quilt for her. 1,280 pieces cut. :upside_down_face: