March 2022 Sock KAL Chat

March is all about Ireland! You can do anything Irish - Irish yarn, an Irish technique, a pattern featuring shamrocks, or a pattern by an Irish designer. Of course, green socks makes it even more Irish!

Chat here about your socks and post pictures of your finished socks in the Projects thread.

I have a pattern I made a couple of times years ago that I thought I would use. I downloaded it from R years ago so I don’t know if it’s available elsewhere or even still on R. It’s by Ann Lim. It is called Snakes and Ladders and since St Patrick’s is in honor of St Patrick casting out the snakes I thought it appropriate. :grin:

My St Patrick Driving out the snakes socks are coming along nicely. Done thru the heels. These are, once again, sized like a men’s 13W but for my tall girl, Harmoni. :blush:

I love these! This is such a beautiful color and pattern.

@FreedomLover Thank you!

They look so good. Neat pattern and great shades of green!

Thank you @lovestostitch I love this yarn! I’m hoping to have enough to make some shorties for myself after I’m done.