March 2022 - National Craft Month

I’ve been thinking a lot about National Craft Month… It is a month to celebrate us - the crafters. :slight_smile: How cool is that!!!

If you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear what your favorite part about crafting is. Whatever that means to you.

Then - I want everyone to establish a new habit. Taking time for you. Our crafting time is our own. Whether we are sitting in front of the TV watching with family, at the movies, taking a walk, sitting on a park bench, this time is ours. We keep our hands, hearts and minds busy while crafting.

My challenge to each of you is to take time out of every day for you. Something you enjoy. And share it every day if you can. It doesn’t matter if you have yarn, needles, or hoops in your hands, minds, or heart, or if it doesn’t even have to do with a craft. It is you time.

Let’s celebrate YOU - as YOU are what makes FiberKind a community. A home. A family.

And see where you take us. :slight_smile:

Thank you, @Char ! What lovely thoughts and a great idea! I’m going to think about what this means to me and will post that later, but thank you for already setting us on the right path for a more meaningful March!

Gosh, what’s my favorite thing about crafting? I think, among other things, I like to be challenged - a new pattern, a new technique, becoming more comfortable with something (like colorwork!) that I have trouble with. My plan for Craft month is three- fold. 1). To complete the first module of my correspondence/knitting course. 2). Increase my supply of charity items. And 3). Maybe stretch my knitting abilities. All of these will be “Me Time” :fk::fk:

Challenging goals indeed!

you are quite welcome dear. :slight_smile:

I have always loved making things. It is much more rewarding than buying ready made.
I always have a sweater or two or three on the needles. Even though arthritis sometimes limits me, I find great comfort in the times I can knit.
One reason I knit is probably hyperactivity. I get distracted or fall asleep if I don’t keep busy. It is the process of knitting and crocheting I love. I don’t care about racing to finish a project.

I already take more than enough time for myself, lol.

Excellent goals! What kind of correspondence knitting course are you taking?

I hear you–I absolutely don’t enjoy just sitting and watching the news in the evening with nothing in my hands! Or in the car on the road.

What I love about crafting…Hmmm, where to start?!? I think I’m like some of you–it’s so neat to be able to learn new things! If you ever told me I’d like doing Math when I was in school, I would have laughed out loud! But I actually ENJOY doing figures for calculating yarn usage for my weaving or knitting. And I could sit (or walk on the treadmill) for hours and watch weaving videos, especially Jane Stafford’s online weaving school (or any crafting videos).

The other thing I like about crafting is that I’m making something useful, either for me or for someone I know and love. (Or to sell to someone who appreciates the efforts) I honestly tried the adult coloring books a couple of years back and I really did enjoy the artistic side of it, but at the end of hours working on a page, I had just that–a prettily colored page in a coloring book! I want something I can use or give away or display for pretty and the coloring book pages just weren’t cutting it! (It wasn’t a total loss–at least I learned a lot more about color theory–a handy thing to use in the fiber world, right?!)

One more thing I like about crafting is the connection to crafters of the past, most of whom were women, like myself. I know they did a lot of their stuff out of necessity, but they used artistic and creative ways to make even humble handmade items look pretty. I want to pass this one to the next generation and not let it die out.

@PurlgirlButtons I am taking a Course with The Knitting Guild Association called Professional Knitter Certification. It’s a 3-module course, I’m working through a module 1 right now.

AND THIS GOES WITH CRAFTER’S MONTH!! We have a few spaces left for anyone who cares to join the FUN Fiberkind Crafter’s Retreat at the end of March. It is at the Threads of Time Retreat Center in Danville, IL. It runs from Thursday, March 31 to Sunday, April 3. The cost is only $55 a night and includes linens and towels for your room. The rooms are beautifully decorated with quilts on the walls. The bathrooms/showers are “shared” but they are set up for individual use, so very private. The entire center is all on the same floor, so no stairs to cart things up and down. The only other fee is a $30 fee to the FK group. We use this money to buy all your meals–breakfast, lunch and all but one evening meal. You can bring your own food if you prefer. We have our own refrigerators/freezers to put our food/drinks, as well as a little kitchen with a sink, microwave, and a lot of electric cooking appliances, like crock pots, electric skillets, etc. One night out of the retreat we travel about 10 minutes across the Indiana line and enjoy a lovely dinner at the Beef House. It’s a tradition that has quickly become a favorite of all the ladies! That meal is at the retreatant’s expense. We also have plenty of snacks on hand for everyone in case you get an attack of the munchies!

As far as the work area–it is large with lots of room! Everyone gets their own 8-ft table with a nice rolling chair and trash can (we ARE crafters!), 2 outlets and a USB port. There are 3 large cutting tables and multiple ironing stations with irons provided. If you are a quilter, there are also super-large “idea walls” covered in flannel where you can “stick” your fabric to the wall and arrange your designs.

But if you’re NOT a quilter --please come anyway! We have all kinds of crafters–painters, scrapbookers, vinyl cutters, stampers, card-makers, weavers, spinners, knitters and crocheters…whatever craft you can bring with you! We have a lot of FUN! together. And if you want to go take a nap–you can do that, too!! The coffee pot is on all day and there is an adorable little walled-in courtyard if you want to pop outdoors for a bit of fresh air. If the weather is warm enough, sometimes we sit outside for lunch or a cup of coffee in the morning.

My suggestion–don’t wait! Right now there are still some spaces available, but as we’ve seen in the past, it tends to fill up very quickly in the month before the retreat. (There are other small retreats often going on at the same time in other rooms and they have to limit the number of occupants in the building) You can register online or call the center, but if you do, be sure to do 2 things:

  1. Let the owners know you are with Fiberkind’s group. (By the way, if you want to share a room with someone that you’re coming with, be sure to let them know when you sign up and they will do their best to accomodate that)
  2. Let @Char know, so we can plan for you! We always have some fun surprises for everyone–goody bags, door prizes–we have FUN!

Here is the link for the Retreat center:
Click on the “Retreat” button and then go to the drop-down menu for signing up.

We do have an awesome time at our retreats! Lots of sharing, crafting. I’ll be showing some ladies how to do some quilting.

I’m looking forward to it!

Crafting is a lot of things to me. It’s not just yarn or paper or paint, it’s also words and foods. I love to create! I think I have to create.

I think there must certainly be a gene in our DNA for creating, right??

I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember. I love to create. When I see something neat in a store, I don’t think, “I want to buy that.” I think, “I can make that.” To me, home made items are so much better than store bought because you can feel pride in the creation every time you look at it. I think I’ve tried every craft except quilting. I started with ceramics when I was a kid, then sewing, crocheting, cross stitch, crewel, stained glass, jewelry making, paper crafting and then knitting. I love knitting the best because I find it relaxing and I can knit while I listen to a book, watch a movie or travel in the car. I also like that knitting is a sociable craft. Before Covid, I enjoyed going to a local knitting group. Now, I enjoy Zoom knitting with all of you!

I don’t think I need to work on Char’s challenge to make time for me and for crafting. I already do that! I have my own crafting room and I craft every day.

@rkennell YES!

I discovered crochet several years ago when my children were young…er. Before marriage, I had a life that included a lot of creativity in other areas. I then discovered a great love of writing, but found it well-nigh impossible to get and stay in that zone with my children around me all the time. Crochet has been such a blessing because it is something I can do with and around others. So, that creativity which is so central to who I am has a place to be expressed, even in a simple way. Without crafting, I think I’d be fairly insane…or more insane, as the case may be!!! :slight_smile:

People often ask me how do I have the time to make things. I run a (now very) small consulting business, two high schoolers, a fabulous husband, am the Clerk-Treasurer for my town, and FiberKind (which I have a wonderful set of volunteers behind me).

You may have seen the memes that say “I (knit, crochet, quilt, craft) so I don’t kill people?” That’s me. Lol. It is my stress relief. Everyone around me knows if I don’t have a craft in my hands during my “down time” something is something wrong.

Crafting is my muse - my inspiration. Much of what I make I give away. I couldn’t begin to keep everything I make. It makes me happy to give.

Crafting is why I make the daily choice to keep FiberKind. I need a crafting home, too.

I so agree. Except for sewing. I can sew anything. But sewing brings out the homicidal in me.

It’s sewing machines. They hate me. If I could hand sew I would be happy.
Nevertheless I have recovered furniture, made lined drapes and shades, lots of clothes.