March 2021 Sock KAL - Chat

Our theme for March is St. Patrick’s Day or anything Irish. Tell us how your pattern fits the theme. Your socks could have a cloverleaf pattern, be a Gansey pattern or be for Irish folk dancing!

The color of the month is Green.

As always, you can knit any pattern or color you like but you get an extra entry in the prize drawing for using a pattern that goes with the theme and/or using the monthly color.

Chat about the Sock KAL in this thread and post your finished projects in the Finished Thread.

I have enough green left from my sweater to make some socks so I’ll probably do that. And I should actually have time to make socks again this month, thank goodness!

I’ve been wanting to knit the Gladys sock pattern (a Gansey pattern) for a long time. I saved the pattern a long time ago but have never knit it.

Oh my gosh … I love everything St. Paddy’s Day … but I really need to work on shawls, so I may have to pass this month. Ooooh. Maybe.

Is that a General Hogbuffer pattern? (I hope I got that name right…) I think I might have that one out in one of my binders too.

So I got a daytime sunshine pic of my yarn. It really is green but in weak, indoor lighting it looks sort of blue-green. Lol I’m planning to put either shamrocks or a Celtic knot around the ankle.


Yes, it is.

I love that shade.

My January socks finished through the heel-turns. Trying to knit on these monogamously until finished.


Gorgeous texture on these!

Really nice. I love the texture pattern too.

very nice!

Monogamous knitting… LOL, quite a concept… serial monogamy with one’s yarny projects!

So, although the pattern was from (the site which must not be named) it is commonly called Herringbone Rib stitch and here is a Youtube tutorial from Vickie Howell showing how to do it.

@PurlgirlButtons - thank you for the video link!

While the results are splendid, the process of creating that interesting Herringbone Rib texture seem surprisingly straightforward: Alternating rows of stockinette with rows of this 4-stitch pattern:
1- Knit
2- Knit
3- Slip stitch purlwise
4- Knit, Yarnover, pass slipped stitch over the Knit stitch AND the Yarnover
The passed stitch and the Yarnover are described as an increase and decrease in the same row.

In other terms:
K2, S, K, YO, PSSO K&YO.

There is also a photo and instructions here:

Thanks again!

Hi sock knitting lovers, I wanted to share a YouTube tutorial series by Lowlandoriginals (Renee) that I mentioned Friday during our Virtual Yarnies gathering. This cute lady from the Netherlands, is starting a series on how she makes her Scrappy Socks. Here is the 1st one,. I found her on Instagram.
Can you tell I’m getting excited for next month’s sock KAL? I also follow the #scrappysocks on Instagram, which gives me more than enough incentive to join in. I have to finish my January socks first, so I better get crack-a-lackin’.

I love scrappy socks too! I’m going to add that everyone show a picture of their scraps in addition to the final product because it’s so fun to see how colors blend together.

@lovestostitch, that is a great idea. I’m so itching to get out my scraps, but I am holding out! I am up to the top ribbing of my 2nd sock!!!

I’ve been using a lot of my scraps up this past week because I haven’t been mentally together enough to knit on anything other than my little 10 Stitch scrapghans. But I still have enough that I bet I’ll be able to get some scrappy socks out of them. Probably more than one pair. Lol

@KnitsWithHorses I tried the ten stitch blanket a couple of times and kept getting a poof in the middle.