March 2021 - Craft month Q&A

March is Craft Month and we’re off to
the races.

I woke up with this theme this morning, before my caffeine, so I’m guessing there will be questions. Please list them here. :slight_smile:

Also - if you need help calculating yardage, please list the details here - maybe a photo of your ball band if you have it, or what it might be similar
to, beginning (3/1) and ending weight of the ball, or beginning (3/1) and ending weight of the project.

Please don’t be shy about asking questions - we all have our specialties in life. Mine is math, but definitely not gardening and cooking.

I played with a yardage to miles calculator trying to figure out my goal. Wrestling with my pile of fleece to make a king sized coverlet only earns me .005 miles. :(. I will get extra for the crocheted border but that is sad. Knitting a pair of socks (400 yards) earns .227 mile.

Can you explain how undersetting or oversetting our goal affects us?

I would focus on yardage for fabric.

So - your goal may be to finish with 20 yards of fabric and 1 mile of yarn… or whatever.

I’m thinking we’ll have an award setup that will make folks eligible for awards regardless if you go over or under your goal.

“Most likely to go the extra mile”

“Plays with squirrels (the Ohhh shiny award)”

Stuff like that.

@lovestostitch - I moved your question to the q&a area :slight_smile:

I made some crocheted slippers, which I started on Sunday the 28th, and finished on March 1. Should I count the yardage for that project or just start counting now with the work I do from now on?

I know it’s not a big deal, but I don’t want to be a cheater! :cool:

OR option 3 ?..Weigh the slippers. Recall exactly what percentage of the slippers were completed precisely at midnight. Use the remaining percent to calculate yards used in slippers for March. lol :smiley:

I think Char answered that when I asked about WIP. I understood that I should weigh my knitting project on March 1 and then when I’m finished. I get credit for any work after March 1. I’m also working on a sewing project - a king sized coverlet. I will calculate the percentage of seams finished after March 1.

OK! I’ve got it! I think I’ll just start from now. Off to use some yarn!

That made me giggle! :smile:

An estimated amount of yardage completed in March is acceptable.

(Looks around for police :policeman: none here!)

Just be reasonable. Lol