March 2021 - Craft month goals

March is National Craft Month and we’re off to the races!

This is going to be all about your personal goals. If you can regularly use a mile a month, please don’t set a goal of a half mile. On the other hand if you only use 500 yards in a month, please don’t set your goal at a mile - you may hurt yourself, and we wouldn’t want that.

Do, however, set a reasonable goal that will help you get motivated to do more crafting this month.

Let’s set our crafty goals here - be sure to stretch those hands, arms, and hooks/needles!

My goal is 2 miles of yarn. I want to start two big project for myself this month. Hopefully, it will help me to finish it. :rolleyes:

This is my month to complete several charity scarves using some new and some leftover yarns. Mostly fingering weight using two strands of yarn. Each scarf will weigh approximately 160 grams when complete.

My goal for March will be about 11 miles of yarn used.

Wow!! But you are very speedy. You’ll get it!

My goals for March are: [LIST=1]

  • Sewing - 16 yards
  • Skip stitching - 12 yards
  • Crocheting - Coverlet border. It will get a blanket stitch around 12 yards and then around again doing a scallop stitch so that's 24 yards of border accomplished but I don't know how much yarn that will take. I have a cone of Sugar n' Cream for it.
  • Knitting - a neckwarmer for my grandson. 400 yards?
  • Seed starting - Peppers, tomatoes, flowers, etc. No points - I'll just share pictures to convince you Spring is coming! [/LIST]
  • This is just the motivation I need to start stitching again. I haven’t worked on anything lately. :rolleyes:

    My goal is 500 yards.

    OK, I have just weighed the parts of the blanket I am working on, so when I finish it I can weigh it again to find out how many yards I did in March.

    So, it’s 641 g so far, which is approximately 1,352 yards. So, I think maybe if I finish this blanket and do some other projects, I should go through some yards! So, I’m going for a mile, and I hope to beat that!

    Because there’s no way I can manage to keep working on that blanket without taking a break to do some other projects. Or I will die of boredom. :smiley:

    Oops! This blanket is based on: Crochet Scrap Blanket. The difference is that I made scraps by cutting all my Cotton Cakes up by color.


    I’m going for a mile. I’ve never really looked at it in these terms before so it’s hard for me to estimate plus I can vary a LOT from month to month on how much I accomplish so we’ll see.

    It’s going to be a beautiful blanket!


    Love the signature to keep track of your goals.

    It looks great. I love the colors.

    The signature line is a great idea!

    Okay, my mind was not in math mode when I posted my goal in the other thread. That is the only reason I can think of to explain why I thought there were 5,280 yards in a mile.

    Update: my goal will be 5,000 yards.

    oh my goodness … that’s a lot of yards ! I really hope you pass your goal.

    I will have two goals:

    1. Knit or Crochet 2000 yards
    2. Sew 10 more drawstring bags. (use up fabric stash)

    It’s a little bit of a stretch, but I will try ! :slight_smile:

    I easily use up a mile (or two) a month. It adds up much faster than you think.

    I hope you all meet or surpass your goals.
    I tried to come up with one. I am giving up. My crafting goal now is… to have a goal by the end of the month.

    Off to take a peek at all the wonderful completed projects. :fk:

    Yes, this is a great idea! I will need to do this as well :grin: