March 2021 - Craft Month donations

March is Craft Month!

I will be making some prizes, and having some yarnie prizes to donate.

If you would care to donate something, please list it here. :slight_smile:

I would love to donate prizes but am not sure what you would want or like. Can you give some suggestions or ideas of what you might be looking for?

I would like to donate these 2 skeins if beautiful cotton yarn. It just isn’t a color i use much but it’s a really nice yarn. Do I mail it to you @Char or to the person who claims it or what? Just let me know. I’ve won some wonderful things here and really want to give a little back in kind. It’s the Fiberkind way. :slight_smile:



That is beautiful yarn.

Thanks @DJM It is way softer than most 100% cotton too.

It can be anything. Yarn, notions, totes - we’re crafters and even love handmade items! :slight_smile:

If you can mail it off, that would be wonderful. :fk: If the winner would prefer to only give me their address, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

That’s a wonderful prize. I loooooove hot pink!

I can donate a drawstring bag. :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome…

Okay, I think I got it. I would like to donate these two balls of silver Lion Brand Coboo Yarn.

Is that good?


Great prize! I love Coboo!

I have a book from our infamous anonymous donor. :slight_smile:


And I have been making some bowl cozies. One per prize. Hope that these are enjoyed. And I have some project pads my son made. I am hoping to make more by month’s end.



Wow, this looks like a fun pattern book! Thanks, “Anonymous”!

Awesome bowl cozies!

That looks like a really fun book! Thank you A. Nony Mouse!

Excellent prize! Thank you @Char!

With the month coming to the end, I just want to ask if am I sending this directly to recipient(s) once I am notified of where it is going?

Yes once everyone has had a chance to put in their final numbers, we’ll get prizes handed out. :slight_smile: unless the winner totally objects I appreciate you mailing it along.