March 2020 Sock KAL - Finished socks only please

March 2020 Finished Socks Only Please

Here is the finished thread for our March 2020 KAL.

As always you may choose any pattern and amend for size and preferences. You may also multi-dip with other make alongs, as long as that organizer is good with it.

Please post an entry (use the “post reply” button) for the following:

  • first finished sock (or two through the heels)
  • pair finished
  • featured pattern
  • featured theme
  • Festured color
I am donating a skein of Regia Design Line sock yarn. This is quite fun to knit with! :)

Please remember - new posts (using the “post reply” button) are for finished sock entries only - oohs, ash’s, and Thank you’s should be posted as comments (press the three dots at the bottom right hand side of the post) not as new posts. This makes it easier on me at the end of the month to draw a random number winner! :wink: Even one sock finished has a chance to win, so be sure to post pictures and knit socks!

@PurlgirlButtons @FreedomLover @knitter131 - I believe you all had finished socks. Can you please repost them? I accidentally deleted the original thread. Thanks :slight_smile:


I finished my socks!


Those are wonderful! :slight_smile: They definitely look cozy.

Don’t forget to repost the springy pair! :slight_smile: So sorry I lost the original thread. I’m told it happens to the best of us… and the rest of us too! :fk:

I’m certainly in the rest of us group, having recently lost my socks!

A second entry for spring socks.

:cool:Leftover Shorty Socks:cool:
Started Feb 16, 2020
Finished Mar 2, 2020
Yarn: Wollgarnspinnerei Ferner Baby Merino and KnitPicks Essential Gulfstream on US #1 (2.5mm) circ. Total of 54 grams used
Pattern: Basic Toe-Up with Eye of Partridge Flap and Gusset


Thank you so much for reposting! :slight_smile: These are so fun!

Very nice!

These are so cheerful, what a fabulous use of leftovers.

I love them! I think they look very patriotic!

Thank you @PurlgirlButtons, this was one of those cases where the skein and the knitted fabric looked so different.

My socks, completed through the heels.


I love these colors!

Finished this pair. Hopefully in the mail tomorrow. I have two more pairs of socks on the needles so onward I go!


I have a pair completed through the heels as well.


So pretty!! They are coming right along!


Completed through the heels.


These are very pretty!!! Are they for your daughter?

These are beautiful! Can I ask what yarn you’re using?