"Mandy" Figurine Made By My Best Friend

This was made with Sculpey clay. I put it here, since it was handmade, and not knit or crochet. My best friend, when she heard that Mandy had passed, asked if she could make me a figurine of her. I gave her my permission, and it arrived today, less than two weeks since Mandy’s death. She’s quite an artist! I couldn’t believe it when I unwrapped it…the likeness was startling and so realistic. Keep in mind, she never met Mandy in person. The markings are almost perfect!


A beautiful memento of Mandy. Your friend is an amazing artist.

It’s incredible. The only difference is the tail…Mandy didn’t have a tail…just the muscle, since they trimmed it extremely short. She gave her a slightly longer tail, which is typical for a cocker, and having never seen her in person, that’s understandable. And like I said, the markings are almost perfect…she even almost got the heart on her hip!

It’s an amazing gift and work of art. I hope it is a comfort to you.

It certainly does. I’m so blessed to have her as my best friend!