Macrame Forum?

I make macrame purses and was wondering if anyone else makes things in macrame. If there are enough of us, maybe a forum can be created for it? This picture is my newest purse for myself. Made in macrame, lined with a sewn silk lining, and finished off with crochet handles.


HOLY COW!!! I didn’t even know you could make purses that way!

@DuchessOfAvon Those are beautiful! I can’t speak for the main forums, but you could start a group for macrame. Just click the groups tab and click the “create group” button.

@DuchessOfAvon Just beautiful. You can ask Admin to create a sub category, I’m sure there will be enough people wanting to join.

Would you consider to put this pattern on Marketplace?

Thank you for the ideas, I will start a group for now, and if there is enough interest, maybe we can create a sub category. I know the first question for other purse makers. Where do you find the hardware? I stole mine from an old thrift store purse. I haven’t been able to find good claw hook things anywhere else.

Update I have started a group as @knitterlady13 suggested, called Macrame Purses 101. If others make macrame too, maybe we can start a sub category as @5xhappy suggested. Then the purses section could be a sub section of that!:smiley:

I’ve just done a little kit I got at Wal-Mart. It was fun and brought back memories! You’re purse is wonderful! A forum would be good. If Wal-Mart has macrame it’s getting popular again!

You are also welcome to share your work in the Braids forum - there are so many instances when braiding and knotting are used to create both useful and wonderful accessories.

BTW that purse is stunning work - TFS (thanks for sharing)

Let me see if I can “dig up” some hardware sources for you - although off the top of my head, Tandy Leather crafts often has some -
I know we used to sell some but don’t remember all my sources. I know BeadSmith (wholesale to the trade) still has some offerings I will also look into that for you If you saw something you liked, I could always order it for you if you are willing to wait -

I added a ling to UMX along wtih an “opinion” into the Braiding Resources Forum