M1R/M1L help

we have someone needing help here:


I am not familiar and can’t advise but maybe you can?

There are some nice detailed graphics here in both links, Alphaknits and 10rowsaday. Leading and trailing leg, left or right leaning, all is clearly depicted and made easy to remember.



She knows how to do them, she can’t figure out which one to use where in her pattern (it doesn’t say).

Oh I see. If the designer hasn’t indicated which way, then it’s matter of personal preference. When I do increases on left outer edge it’s M1r, on right outer edge it’s M1L. If coming down for V-neck, on right side I’d m1r two or three stitches from the edge and m1l on left side, again 2 or 3 stitches in.

@runner5 I thought I would lure you here too.

Excellent article! I am mostly done with Vitamin D which has lots of m1L and m1R and I kept having to refer to my cheat sheet.

What am I making when I pick up the left leg of the second stitch below on my right hand needle, or the right leg of the first stitch below on my left hand needle? I thought those were M1R and M1L?

@annekepoot that would be an Invisible Increase, left or right leaning, sometimes called Lifted Increase. My favourite way btw.

Thanks . As soon as I read your post the lightbulb lit up so bright I nearly blinded the neighbours - of course - because it’s LIFTED.