Lovely Wool!

I received my lovely prize for Spin de Fleece from
@Callielw this morning. What a huge, squishy, soft ball of loveliness! I am going to so enjoy spinning it. Thank you so much :grinning:

It looks wonderful–happy spinning!!

When it is spun, what will it be? Has it told you yet?

I think it wants to be a lace weight shawlette, but since I have not spun any of it yet (but soon), I am not entirely certain. It does not need to be overly heavy.

I got a lot of time now that aint working on my towing business. I have loved knitting and I wish someone can guide me all along… Such a wonderful platform here to get all started.

Thanks Fam


Welcome to FiberKind! If you need help getting around, let me know. We are glad to have you as part of the family! :slight_smile:

Welcome, @feras ! Are you planning to learn spinning as well or did you just happen to land in this forum? I love spinning and I’d love to help you get going, even though I’m not an experienced spinner. I’ve been spinning for around 3 years and love it!