Looking for suggestions

I’m just about done with this shawl I’m making as it is written, but I’m not happy with the top of it. It’s a bunch of shell motifs that taper to a single stitch at the top and are therefore “pointed” on the top and I really dislike it. Does anyone have any suggestions on something I might be able to add to make the top so it’s more flat? I’m hoping this question even makes sense. I attached a picture of the top of the shawl so you can see what I mean. I haven’t weaved in the ends for this set of motifs yet, but it doesn’t really change anything when I do.


@Nyssareen Is there any way to make a half motif? Pick up stitches or whatever you do, but only work until the new work is level with the pointed top of the current motifs and then bind off.

I agree with @VivianPearl , a half-finished motif would fill in the space. If you can’t add more could you rip back half of the last pink/red ones until the edge is flat with the point of the gray?

@Nyssareen In that case, I think I’d tear back each of the last motifs until they are flush with the green ones. Then weave in the ends and maybe run a row of SC across the top to give it a more finished look and help hide the tails.

@Nyssareen - I agree with everyone else that the answer is to finish it off with a half shell.

Thanks everyone. I’ll give that a shot. I don’t really want to rip out anything, so I’m just going to add a row of half shells in the next color in the pattern. Wish me luck!

@Nyssareen - I change my advice after looking at the Berroco website and seeing their photo. I think the answer is blocking if you knit it in wool. The sample has the shells blocked out really big and though they didn’t show the edge, I can imagine that it will look like nice soft, big shells after blocking. I think they will look nice as an edge. If you knit it in acrylic, I think half shells may be your only option

@lovestostitch I used acrylic, so I’ll do the half shells and see how that works.

Additional question: since it is acrylic, will blocking it help with the “squished up” look it has? I’ve never made anything like this before, so I’m not sure.