Looking for mohair knit pattern

I’m looking for knitting patterns that use only mohair. I have 760 yards of a mohair that I am thinking if using all of it for a shawl.

This mohair shawl by Lily Chin is vintage from 1999/2000 Vogue but looks stunning. https://store.vogueknitting.com/p-71…rib-shawl.aspx

That is beautiful! The mohair I have is variegated. I might lose some of that lovely pattern stitch. But I’ll have to save this one. Love it! Thank you!

There are lots of free shawl patterns at Drops Yarn:


Select within your selection to find options for the weight of yarn you have.

I like this: might look wonderful in your yarn:


The Starling wrap is stunning. Thank you for the link

Thank you those are lovely.

You are very welcome!!

I might make it myself.