Looking for hat pattern

Can anyone help me find a pattern for a hat like this one? I love this pattern and I really want to make this hat. I do not care if the pattern is paid or free.


Hi @AmyW1205 I think this one looks similar https://gina-michele.com/2019/01/wide-rib-hat-knitting-pattern.html
The difference is in yarn thickness and 2×2 ribbon.

Thank you! :slight_smile: That looks very close. The body of the hat looks like k2, purl 3. What do you think? The brim looks like k2,p2. I might just ought to try it out and see what happens. :D:)

@AmyW1205 Here’s more photos.

The brim is definitely 2×2 rib. And the main body is according to Gina’s pattern:
1st row: 2k, 2p, 1k, 1p, 1k, 2p. Repeat from * to * 7 or 8 times, it depends on your gauge.
2nd row: 2k, 3p, 1k, 3p

And here’s the measurements




I think the brim might be k2, p1. I agree the upper section looks like k2, p3. Can you look at the hat in person to get a better look at the pattern? Really, anything similar with the cute fur pom pom would look great,

Thank you!!! :smiley: