Looking for Game Suggestions

I know people here have an amazing range of hobbies, so I’m hoping I can find someone who can help me out. I do a bit of pc gaming but I’m having trouble finding new games that I enjoy playing. My pc is old and low spec, to start with, but also I don’t much go for shooter games, and dash games where you wind up with aching fingers from having to click so fast. My favourite games (apart from old point and click horror adventures with no shooting) are gently paced building games like the Chocolatier series, where there are some vague rivals but no aggression and no real need for speed. Does anyone know of any low spec games which involve building towns, or businesses, or zoos or whatever, without throwing fights at you all the time, and which are not speed trials?

@Lemming13 - I do not have game suggestions for you, as most of my time is spent offline, in real life activities. So I am posting here just to say “Hello” and let you know that people are reading your post. I hope others know of the kinds of games you enjoy!

Oldies but goodies, the Myst series, Betrayal at Krondor, Rogue, Sim_ (park, ant, city), Lemmings, Worms, and all of the Angry Birds games. Check out GOG.com, STEAM, MY ABANDONWARE.com, or OLD PC GAMING.net

Went back and re-read your post. Best builder games I’ve found are on Zynga, or G5. Not sure about resolution requirements, but may be worth a look.

Thanks, I will have a look on Zynga and G5.

I used to play a lot of games exactly as you describe. I also played the time management ones but they can get really frustrating. If I spend time playing a game, I want it to be relaxing, not frustrating! The only game I really take time for these days is a game called Star Stable Online where you build up a stable of horses and do quests. It is quite realistic and there is beautiful scenery to ride around in with nature sounds and such. I find it really relaxing. It takes quite a bit of memory on your computer though. I second the recommendation to check out Zynga games. I know a lot of them I used to play were Zynga.

That’s exactly it, I just want to have some gentle fun when I don’t feel like crafting, or reading, or anything challenging. I’ll look out for the Star Stable game, it sounds like just the thing. Thanks!

Have you checked out Big Fish Games? They have a large library of casual games which can be played on different platforms. I don’t know about building or resource management-type games, but that is where I’d go to find more low-key games.

I am on Big Fish Games, but at present all the stuff they are putting up seems to be dash-type games or time management ones that just get more and more stressful. Oh well, I can always replay Chocolatier.

Yes, I agree. I only like time management games if they are easy!!!

I presume you have tried the hidden object adventures? Not a lot of great quality, but definitely not stressful.

Yes, I do a lot of HO games (at Christmas I ran through a whole series of Christmas Wonderland ones - I know they are aimed at families with kids but I really enjoy the gentle music and cute festive scenes). But sometimes my eyes are too tired for that.


​​​​​​​one genre I like is word games, like
https://www.bigfishgames.com/games/1…ds-rebirth/?pc (like a hang-man type of game - there’s also an older version without the word “rebirth”, but I don’t remember what that’s like)
https://www.bigfishgames.com/games/6…crosswords/?pc (where the items are not small and you have fun figuring out what you need to look for)
https://www.bigfishgames.com/games/8…ms-journey/?pc (where you try to form long words out of given letters)

you may also like match3 games where in between the match3 levels you get to create gardens, like the queen’s garden series in Big Fish Games - where you also have themes like

these are some of my favorites, but I recommend Big Fish Games as a rule, because there you can find games by genre and you can try the game for an hour before deciding if you want to buy it

Thank you, I will take a look at those.

I like a type of simulation game that is not The Sims. It’s building type of games. But then I found a couple of subcategory games that are really fun. One is House Flipper and the other, by the same company, is The Tenants.

The first is well described by the title: You buy houses, renovate them, and sell them. But you have a limited number of potential customers and each of them has their own likes and dislikes. You can do odd jobs for people to raise money.

The Tenants is more renovation but it’s from a landlord perspective. You still do odd jobs. And you still buy houses and renovate them. But this time you rent them out and then you have to keep your tenants happy or find new ones.

I don’t know what the system requirements are, though.

There are some older simulation type games where you start villages and build houses and provide services. Because they’re older, they can have less grueling requirements. It seems like every village building game is modeled after one called Foundation, though.

Steam is a great resource but if you have an older PC, it can also really bog your system down sometimes.

Thank you, those sound interesting - I’ll check them out.

I’m sure you can take a look at Minecraft because it’s one of those games that interested me at first sight. I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now, but most of all, I like to play with my friends on servers and different maps. It adds curiosity to this game if you use https://minecraft.buzz/. For us, this source has an important influence, and so I think you might be interested as soon as you check out this game. Anyway, it will be an excellent experience for you in the gaming industry, won’t it?

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that.

Hi, I understand what you mean. I also have an old computer with low specs and many games because of this do not fit it. Every time I download the next game, it may not come up. Recently I started playing minecraft survival servers; it’s a pretty easy game for a computer and does not interfere with the processor. It seemed to be very interesting; in it, you can join a server and try to survive, collect resources and make money in a world shared by many other players. Good luck finding games.

I do not recommend Tropico 6. I tried it, it said it’d work with my system but it did not work at all. It’s a shame, since it sounded cool. I also don’t recommend Steam either. I have games through Steam for an older Mac I have. Steam has updated itself so I can’t access any of these games since Steam says that computer is obsolete now. Which is a bummer.

Civilization games are really good. My favorites are Civ IV & Civ V. I also really enjoyed Alpha Centauri as well. Not sure what operating system you have. I also really enjoyed SIM City 2000 as well. The Black & White games were also ones I enjoyed as well. These are more Windows 98/XP games.

I have only played Oblivion & Skyrim on PS3 & PS4, but they are enjoyable open world games. They’re also available on PC, as is the earlier game Morrowind which I have not played. The thing I like about open world RPGs is that you can play however you want. I wind up spending a lot of time simply exploring. The Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim lets you build a house. If you find the Special Edition of Skyrim, Hearthfire is part of it. If you get Skyrim, do not install update 1.21. It has completely broken the game. Likewise the new Anniversary Edition breaks the game so you cannot save.

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but I really cannot recommend Horizon Zero Dawn (HZD) enough. Another open world RPG. Beautiful open world. Engaging, fascinating, extremely emotional story. It was originally a PS4 game but it’s also available on PC now. If you’re interested you’ll want to look for the Complete Edition since it has the Frozen Wilds DLC too. The sequel Horizon Forbidden West (HFW) just came out and it is enjoyable at all. I have a hard time with very intense combat for many reasons, but Story Mode in both games makes play very enjoyable.

Likewise, I can’t recommend Witcher III enough either. Combat in this game is a little trickier since while it has an easy mode it isn’t as easy as Story Mode in HZD. Again, you can play however you want either following the main story, doing side quests or just randomly exploring. Same as HZD, the Complete Edition has all the DLC. Part of why I enjoy playing Witcher III, HZD, HFW and Skyrim so much is that I can decide “I just want to explore today & relax”. So I just pop on an audiobook and listen to that as I play.

I’ve come to enjoy adventure games - these I mostly get from Steam, though - I prefer point and click, which you can play with your mouse as opposed to a controller - I also like adventure games where you can take your time to explore the scenes and not have to rush your way through - I don’t like running or shooting games - my first ever adventure game was Tesla Effect a Tex Murphy Adventure, which we played as a group play on Senscape (a server for adventure games on Discord) - I enjoyed the humor in the game :slight_smile:

if you think adventure games is something you might enjoy, I’ll be glad to recommend some of I played (not many yet) - some of which you may get on BigFish Games as well