Looking for FREE, Simple/Basic Men's Hat Patterns

We are getting ready to switch gears and move onto working on “winter wear” projects in my knitting/crochet group.

What are your favorite knitting (or crochet) patterns to make for men in the winter time?

The hats we make will be given to men at the Veterans’ Hospital and/or on the streets here in Reno, Nevada in November so they need to be durable and warm (yes, it gets cold in Reno! We are in the mountains, north-western Nevada, nothing like Vegas haha!!) Most of the ladies in my group are at the beginner/intermediate level.


@bean , I think the Seaman’s Church hat suggested by @lovestostitch is an excellent hat.

Just a thought… While the vast majority of veterans are male, there are lots of women who served honorably. If possible, making a few hats (maybe 1 in 20???) in colors that might appeal to the gals could be considered? I work at the VA and I know some of the female patients would especially appreciate something that wasn’t your standard blue, black, green or gray.

​​​​​​​Thank you - and your group - for taking the time and using your expertise to do a nice turn for our veterans!

Thank you, @EllenDeKnitter - great point!!!

The Rikke Hat by Sara Young is probably my favorite hat pattern. It’s all garter (so warm and squishy) and suitable for men and women. I’ve made 3 and they fit me comfortably, but loosely. I have a 21-1/2 in head circumference, but my hat fits my husband easily. My son of the big head would need a few extra stitches added. It would be easy enough to add a few stitches and then do one extra decrease round to take them away before beginning the regular decreases.

Rikke Hat is a free pattern. Here is the link from the designer’s blog. Note that this is a PDF download and not a link to another site. Normally I wouldn’t add a direct link, but the other other place to find the pattern is on R.


There are several other hat patterns that I love, but all of them are on R which I don’t want to promote. If you’re interested in the names, let me know and I’ll post.

Turn a Square by Jared Flood is free, easy and works well in a variety of gauges. I have made it in worsted and fingering.

Here’s the link for the Turn a Square hat. I like that patter too, and have used the top of the hat as the top for other hats too.

Yarndemon posted a link to her free patterns, which includes patterns for watch caps using different yarn weights.
Copied the link to her blog, patterns are listed in the box on the left of the page:


I’ve made Jason’s Cashmere Hat before. It has cables but it’s a pretty straightforward pattern. Came out lovely. Also a very unisex design.


Thank you @bluejeandolly for the pattern link, the JCH is a lovely pattern.