Looking for a sweater pattern women size

Hello, I wonder if any designers can help me. I would love to knit a sweater for myself as the attached photo shows. I have purchased this pattern so I think its OK to post here. I love a top down in the round sweater with positive ease and this looks ideal for me. Preferably in 8 or 10ply ( DK or Worsted) Can any of the designers point me in the right direction or do you have a design I could purchase from you.
Thanks in advance



I am not a prof designer but this looks quite straightforward, especially as the edges are all stocking stitch. If it were me, I would use the pattern as a sort of template and instructions and wing it from there.

What age does this go up to? I have made a Marie Wallin teen-age fair-isle cardigan for me (nice colours and baggy shape and I am only 5ft 2) and just added an inch more of ribbing. Children’s sizes usually have a slightly deeper armhole and slightly narrower shoulders than women’s patterns.

If you are knitting an over-sized design, then the design is straight and baggy on body and sleeves and you want to allow for wider cuff edge and more generous ease to the body.

You can change the yarn type and then change the fit. Also change the needle-size?

Working top-down, means you can fit it first and then just knit to size.

Back in the 80s, one of the designer tricks was to knit the same sweater in 4ply for children, DK for women and aran weight for men. And/or change the needle size.

Thank you for getting back to me. I too am not tall at 5’3" and this design appealed to me. I have only made one sweater top down for my grandson and it turned out well. I can follow instructions but not sure if I am up to adjusting sizes myself. Great idea with the needle size changes I will definitely give it a try.

You have given some great advice here and I appreciate your help so much. I am enjoying this site and loving the people I am meeting here.


May I suggest Ann Budd. She has several book out and this pattern is featured. She does top down, bottom up, and even in pieces. Check out Amazon or your local library. Her books are fantastic and knitter friendly. Highly recommend them

thanks so much Patti I have heard of her but thought she was mostly socks.