Looking for a pattern for "waterfall" shawl

I see photos waterfall cardigans in many places - and would really like to make it as a shawl - has anyone by chance come across such a pattern? - if not as a shawl, then as a cardi, as I think it can be adjusted by omitting the sleeves - if it’s already for the knitting machine, that’s a plus, but even hand-knitted patterns would work

I’ve also seen the pattern as a vest, which is even better than a shawl

I found a great pattern for a waterfall vest - it’s crocheted, but I’m sure it’s easy to convert to knitting

It does look like it would be easy to convert to knitting.

That’s really pretty.

Thank you for this link.

I’m thinking about knitting the back piece from the hem up - then pick up stitches from the sides to knit the front panels - knitting with stripes it could look interesting :slight_smile: (if I knit this with the machine) - or maybe knit as seed stitch to avoid curling

Found this collection of waterfall cardigans - some free, some paid - that might provide some inspiration.


Not really sure what you mean by a waterfall shawl. Are you looking for a rectangular shape with asymmetrical ends?

Ok, going to make a guess here. Adding a ink to Remade By Hand’s website. Check out her pattern “Understoried”. It has the angled ends that gives it a “waterfall” effect. I bought the pattern awhile ago, but haven’t made it yet. I have made the “Birchgrove Cowl” and it’s great. Her patterns can be purchased through Ravelry, or through her site.


@Woolfan - thank you for the links! - calling the waterfall effect a shawl was a mistake on my part - looking closer at the patterns, I meant a vest - as it is a plain rectangle I think I’ll start with that and then maybe try the seamless cardigan - the link you posted is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

the shawls/wraps look very nice and I like your choices best!

@sheiskanen - glad you could find something of use! Also, if you search on your web browser for “knitted waterfall vest patterns”, or words to that effect, there are quite a few hits. Yes, you are on the right track with the rectangles, and that should work well with machine knitting! I do love the “waterfall” drape, and look forward to seeing what you make. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words on my Remade By Hand choices. I’m not much for colorwork, but I like her designs a lot!