Let's see your handspun!

I love seeing photos of everyones handspun yarn!

My most recent was a 3 ply fractal spin from 4oz. of merino/tussah blend from Samantha J’s Fiber Farm (on facebook). I had some fiber left over on the 1st bobbin so my final measurements were 546 yds of 3.55oz. lace weight.


This one also was a 3 ply fractal spin. Finished fractal spin. 3.15 oz. 455 yds. 3 ply. Approximately 24 wpi. Still have singles left on 2 bobbins.


I am in awe that you can spin a 3ply laceweight!!! And your yarn is so beautiful!

Finally finished some Falkland fiber! Tagged and ready to for knitting (maybe a shawl–not sure yet)

Here are some of my other spins from this year. I don’t have the yardage or weights offhand.





I’m currently spinning some SW BFL for our Spin De Fleece, which I’ve not yet completed, but here are a few of my favorite skeins I’ve spun previously. My default tends to be light fingering/fingering, so I’m really trying to challenge myself to spin some heavier yarns this year. :slight_smile:


Those are gorgeous!!!:heart:

Once I get upstairs the wheels will begin to move. Washing clothes and other house stuff. Then the real work can begin. Just joined after moving over from the old unraveled site.

I’m the same way…seem to always default to fingering/lt sport, so the polwarth I have on my wheel right now, I’m trying for a worsted weight. Keeping my fingers crossed!

So glad you’ve joined us…welcome!! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your kind words, @Stitch81 and @Knitnurd! Good luck on the worsted weight, Knitnurd… my next goal is going to be a DK/Sport weight yarn. Please share your progress! :slight_smile:

Some actual spinning! I was beginning to think I would never get upstairs and see my wheels again! This black and grey fleece was from a young ram. I believe he was a Cormo. His fleece was so beautiful I simply had to have it. The family who owned him were doing a fleece shearing demo for a small town fiber festival I was working at and I asked for his fleece after the shearing demo was done. I separated out all of the beautiful greys in the fleece and am almost finished combing it. The fleece is soooooooooooo soft and easy to comb. The staple is almost 5 inches long. The vm comes out so fast and easy I only have to pass the combs thru 3 to 4 times and then I pull the fiber from the combs and pile it into the basket. Have not decided just what this fleece will be, but I seem to see another skirt or dress in my future.



Three different projects. I’m trying to work on some of the older ones now.




Socks and a spindle too! You go girl!

Got a question for anyone who can answer. What do you do about bobbins that do not spin well? I have oiled the flyer spindle and oiled all that needs oil but I have certain bobbins that simply do not spin as fast or as efficiently as other bobbins. I was examining some of them last night and can’t really tell if there is something wrong with the ones that do not take up very well or spin slowly. The flyer is not the problem at all…it is most certainly the bobbins. Do I sort them our and stop using them? I have a Kromski Polonaise and have had it for 10 years. Some of the slow bobbins are 3-4 years old and the good, fast spinners are the original bobbins that came with the wheel. I use scotch tension on my Polly as the double drive does not suit me all that well. I replace the brake band on a regular basis depending on how much I have spun and what I am spinning.

I think it’s the bobbin. I have a Kromski Symphony and one of my Kromski bobbins tends to jam when the bobbin is almost full. If I pause in spinning, I have to use my hand to wind the bobbin a turn or two before it will start up again. I don’t have any problems with any other bobbin.

It could be an oil build up inside the bobbins. Use very fine sandpaper and a dowel rod to remove built up oil.

Merino. 2-ply. 570 yards, 135 grams




Won’t be spun until next year but here is the process of prepping the flax plant for fiber. One picture is of the flax after it has been pulled and left to dry. The immature seeds are on the flax plant. I am not going to rett the flax until next year so I am going to pull the seeds off of the plant so that when it goes into the basement rodents don’t decide to have a munching party. The combs are 4-tine wool combs. They make excellent rippers (ripping the seeds off the plants). Because the seeds were immature I fed them to the chickens. Hopefully, by 2020 I will have some of my own flax processing tools.





I love your flax project!!! I’ve spun only a teeny bit of flax roving but want to try some longer stuff and will eventually get to it. One of my older wheels has the little built-in water vessel up on the distaff. Lots to learn and be ever appreciating what goes into making linen cloth.