Let's get to know you! Sock KAL 7/12/19 - 8/1/19

Hi, All! I am moving our Sock KAL here! Let’s have some fun!!!

Here are a few patterns to review:
https://www.herrschners.com/product/tangerine+twist+socks.do?sortby=ourPicks&refType=& from=Search



Or you may pick your own!

I have in my mind this KAL should last 3 weeks… so July 12-Aug 1.

And please don’t feel like you can’t participate if you can’t finish socks in 3 weeks. This is about having fun, learning if you need to, and getting to know each other. The only request I have is that you hand knit socks (machine and loom knitters, while welcome, will not be eligible for prizes).

Here’s how this first knit along will work. Tomorrow before I go to bed (approx 10 pm EST USA), I’ll quote the links for the first three pattern choices as a reminder (you still have the option to choose your own). You may start then, if you choose, or wait until Friday, I’m flexible as this KAL isn’t a competition. We may get to a competition later, but not yet.

You can join late if you wish, you are not required to finish within the three weeks, if you finish early I would encourage you to start a second pattern.

I asked Admin if our market place would allow for gifting patterns or having a gift certificate option, and he said the one he is testing has this. So - I am going to gift two people each a pattern of their choice, up to $6.00 from our upcoming market place! I am a firm believer in keeping it “local” and supporting this website. What that means is if you win this prize you might have be patient while we work out the details (and maybe quirks).

How the winners will be chosen: 1) prize will be open to anyone hand knitting socks - I must be able to find evidence (such as progress or finished photos) posted by the selected person. You do not need to finish a pair to win! Just post your lovelies, pump up the chatter, and you are in!

  1. beginning with this post I will use a random number generator to select a post representing a winner. If that winner is me or @knitter131 (Hi Mom!) the post immediately following will be selected as the winner. NOTE: the easiest way for me to do this is with actual posts as they are pre numbered and not the comments after. Thank you!

  2. WIP Socks, Other Patterns, DIY, etc all count. Bring on the pictures and chatter!

So - what this means is the more you contribute to the KAL in encouragement, pictures, etc the more chances you have to win.


I finished my WIP socks today! :slight_smile:


Awesome!!! Someone found me! :slight_smile:

Sadly my sock WIP is still in process, still not going to stop me from casting on a new one :wink:

Yay!!! I am casting on the lacy socks right now. :eek:

@Char Your socks look great!

@Char Congrats on finishing your WIP, they look great! I made it to the heel flap on my first sock and am working on the leg of the second (I knit socks in tandem).

I think I figured this out now. I just cast on my sock, Will post pictures once I get a little further one.

I found us! Still finishing my Speckled Space Socks. But I’m partial to Fargyle for my next pair.

Thanks!!! I am casting on the lacy ones as we “speak”. So glad you made it here!

Thank you! How are yours coming along?

I can’t wait to see pics!

I had to pull myself back from the speckled space socks… but they will be next for sure!

I’m going to knit Fargyle too! I’m just not disciplined enough to finish the other socks I’m knitting before I cast them on, lol.

@ILVLUCY I see you made it! :-). Sorry I didn’t see your post at our old address until just now. :cool:

Yes, I’m terrible at this! Now I have to get my avatar up again…having a little trouble with that

Hey guys - just a heads up… the random number will be easiest on actual posts, not comments on posts (so for example 11, but not 11.1). I’m trying to keep it easy and not create myself more work so I’ll base my random number generator on the number, and not the sun comments. :heart:

@ILVLUCY i had trouble with that too… I had to make it very small to be within an acceptable file size… keep trying!

I added the Sock KAL to the Calendar! :wink:

Glad to see everyone making it over to the new boards.I have to say I am liking the look over here (I’m a mobile user). Sadly, no progress on my socks tonight as I went with a friend to see the movie Crawl instead. It was as cheesy and creepy as previews made it look. I will have to get back to my socks tomorrow!