Launching of new design—Sarasota Bay Wrap

Good evening fellow knitters!

On Thursday, July 18 a new pattern will launch to the public. However, I’m getting excited about a marketplace here so I’m offering a pre-sale purchase to only members of this site!

Use two or three colors of fingering weight yarns for a wonky shaped wrap. Use double increases and decreases to create a jagged edge at both ends and a little smocking in the middle and you’ll have a wrap to toss around yourself all summer. The colors merge using simple slipped stitches to create a mosaic color change.

Pattern requires 250 grams of 2-3 colors and US 6 needle.

The pattern will available to the whole world Thursday but today yall get a preview price and an advance notice of my new pattern: Sarasota Bay Wrap. The regular price for this pattern will be $5 but for anyone sending me a message through this site, you can buy the pattern for just $3.00! I will invoice you through paypal and email the pattern Thursday before the launch. For anyone really savvy and needing to cast on right now, express your urgency, I’ll probably send it now. Its ready for public consumption.

So excited to try out a new pattern here and can’t wait to see projects notes!

—Pre-sale offer expires Monday at 8:00 AM CST.—





Wow, that is so pretty!!

Thank you! I was trying to go with the bright turquoise and purple but that grey just screamed to be added it. I love how it came together.

that is absolutely stunning! Too bad I don’t know how to knit!!!

I have purchased this and @KerriLee is very pleasant to do business with! This pattern is so beautiful and I will most likely cast on very soon…

I am not a shawl or scarf person (never had a shawl in my life) but this appeals to me. Might be because the wrap is funky, in a good way.