Lace knitting pattern help

Help! I’m in a bit of a conundrum and need some lace knitting help. I’m knitting a shawl with a zigzag design At the ends, the stitch numbers don’t seem to add up. Each new row has 2 yarn overs, adding 2 stitches to the row, but if you count the total stitches in that row, it’s only 1 more stitch than the row previous. For example, the 1st two rows have 7 stitches each. But Row 3 says to do 2 more yarn-overs, are only 8 stitches total with the yarn overs. It seems there should be 9, since 7+2=9. So my question is, where does that last 9th stitch go? Do I use it as the first loop of the sssk starting the 10-stitch repeat? That seems to offset the middle design of the 10-stitch repeat with the yarn-overs. I’m sure I’m making it way more difficult than it looks.



Is there another ssk near the yo on the far left? The one outside the pink hilited area? If so I’m thinking the sssk is using one stitch from inside the hilited area to decrease, making the increase only one instead of two…

if they isn’t another ssk next to the far left yo then… I need to think about it further.

So - If you count your increases on row 1 - how many yarn overs there are - I’m guessing 6 or 8…

If there are 6 yarn overs and two sssk (double decreases) the result is +2 - one at the beginning and one at the end of the row.

If there are 8 yarn overs and two sssk the result is a +4, so two additional to the beginning and two additional to the end of the row.

Does this help?

Thank you, @Char ! That will help! This is newer territory for me!