Knowers of Knit Picks

I’m thinking of making some wool hats.

Have you tried Knit Picks Palette, Swish or Wool of the Andes???

I am asking about these three after reading through different descriptions and reviews. I am not concerned about gauge (I’ll adapt my hats to the gauge I end up with). I don’t want a blend, so I am only looking at 100% wool.

If you’ve tried any of these yarns, what did you think? Did they play well with your needles? Did you like the results? Did your item hold up well? Do you have a favorite?

Thanks for your input!

I have used swish and WOTA. Honestly my absolute favorite yarn right now is Twill. I have a bunch of bare and am making my 4th sweater out of some I’ve dyed. It’s a dream to work with. I made a hat out of a leftover batch and love it too.

I have used wool of the Andes. Good enough. Durable and No problems (no knots or breaks etc). Plymouth Galway is my favorite worsted wool but I would use WOTA again.

I used a Knit Picks wool for a hat and I think it was WOTA. Whatever it was, it’s itchy. I also made a neckwarmer out of the same wool and it was unbearably itchy. I even tried lining it with fleece and I couldn’t stand it. My favorite wool for hats is Paton’s Classic Wool Worsted. It really softens up after washing and it’s really nice.

What did you think of the Swish and the WOTA? I think the Twill looks lovely but I need some really unusual colors for the project.

@Fiber Passion may also have input on these - she uses WOTA if I remember correctly. :slight_smile:

I have SQs of both and like them very much. I use swish for grand kids items because it’s washable. I use WOTA for a little bit of everything. Swish is really soft WOTA is not but it’s totally wearable.

Thank You @Char @EllenDeKnitter, I like all three of those yarns. I use the WOTA for felting-- knit then felt–love it! I also use WOTA for socks, they soften up after washed. Holds up good. Love the other two, there more on the softer side. Happy with the yarns and fiber from Knit Picks.

@EllenDeKnitter I used Swish a couple of times and it pilled like crazy while I was knitting with it. So disappointed in the end projects as they looked sad and worn before even being used. I used Palette for a lace shawl with good results and great stitch definition, but it’s a little itchy if that is a concern.

@EllenDeKnitter I’ve also used Palette a number of times - a short poncho and a couple afghans. I soaked the finished items in conditioner to eliminate the bit of itch described by knitterlady13. It softens nicely if you felt it and it felts easily.