Knitting "recipe" Request

Is there a basic knitting “recipe” for fair isle hats, mitts, gloves, scarves? I have some peeries I want to use but I do need a pattern to knit by. Is there a place to get such a pattern or a book to check out / purchase?

I am also looking for a basic knitting “recipe” for a fair isle vest (child/adult male).

Also, how would one go about changing the “recipe” for different weights of yarn? (ie - recipe using dk weight and I want to use fingering weight)

Take a look at Strange Brew @pixiedust72 . It is a guide to designing your own stranded yoke sweaters. Included are the stitch counts for several yarn weights in many different sizes, top-down and bottom-up instructions, notes on adding short rows to improve fit, etc.

Have you looked at (DROPS)? They have tons of fair isle patterns and they’re all free.

I searched on Fair Isle in the text box and didn’t get much, but when I used the drop down box for technique and chose color work many choices came up.

[SIZE=12px]Good morning. Are you on facebook? There’s two great Fair Isle Knitting sites - one is for Fair Isle Keps (caps). You buy their pattern and the money goes to restoring the museum on Fair Isle! [/SIZE] [SIZE=12px] And there is a sister page for all other types of Fair Isle Knitting: [/SIZE] [SIZE=12px]Both of these sites offer help. pattern information, and most important - EYE CANDY in the form of beautiful works of art. Best of luck…[/SIZE]

I really like Knitpicks basics books.

@Char i believe theyre affiliates, yes?…family/p/33013…family/p/33316

Theyre not fair isle, but they give each pattern in sizes preemie to 2xl i believe in fingering and worsted. theyve become staples for me.

Char edit:
YES! They are an affiliate - thank you :slight_smile: I have updated your links to contain the affiliate tracking information.

You get extra credit for finding affiliate resources!

Haha! My statsh could be a KnitPicks catalog!

@Snoogins - I ordered some brava sport from Knit Picks in the fall. Love it so much that I reordered when I ran low of a couple colors. I was quite unhappy with the new style. Have you ordered brava this year?

@Snoogins - I haven’t ventured much beyond their sock stuff, and fell in love with the hue shift afghan so I bought the Brava. I sent them an email letting them know my displeasure. Maybe they’ll go back if they get enough complaints.

I am glad you are persistent in the forums. Happy to have you here.

Elizabeth Zimmermann. I’ll have to check which of her books. I’m in my way out the door for Sunday School.

Edit: The Opinionated Knitter starts out with Fair Isle sweaters. It explains how to easily to the math to knit a sweater at any gauge and of any size you want.

Oh, I especially like their 2nd book, with the top down hat and the raglan cardigan :blush::blush:

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@Char ive never tried Brava!! However… I love their Cotlin, live for their Swish and their knitting needles. Hawthorn and Stroll are okay for certain projects. And their patterns and swag are amazing. I buy my bare yarn from them, great prices, really good yarn. Ive got the Mini Meow all ready to be knit with Wonderfluff and probably more sh** stuffed away that I have forgotten about hahah!

Not sure how I left out an entire sentence, COVID brain, but I meant to mention that it sucks they changed their style! Now I’ll never know… :pensive: “If it ain’t broke…” am i right?

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