Knitting, Patterns by Char, Gift Bag - FINAL

I am trying to design a knitted gift bag. I made one and put some hand knit socks into it for a friend. I think she was nearly as excited to receive the bag as she was the socks. I am new to designing, so the pattern will be a simple one, hopefully one for all to enjoy!

I’ll be excited to see what you come up with!

Yes, I was just thinking the same thing!

[SIZE=11px]I am also going to watch and see your final design. [/SIZE]

This is a great idea, @Char !! :cool:

I’m feeling the pressure. :stuck_out_tongue: I am just in the beginning stages - I have the start of a pattern, hoping it is good. I am going to cast on the bag this evening.

Here’s a preview - pattern almost ready to go. Would like to start testing on or about October 7th, complete testing by October 20th. I started knitting the bag last night, finished today, so it should be a quick knit. :slight_smile:

Better pictures to come when it isn’t dusk. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to try this, it’s so pretty!

WOW that is beautiful Char, love the design. I know several that would love this bag for a gift.

@Fiber Passion - thank you :slight_smile: They are very easy and quick to knit up. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Char —A KAL maybe : )

@Fiber Passion - very good idea!!! I have another one I need to write up too… knitters choice!

You would think I enjoy KALs or something. Lol

That would be a big smile : ) @Char

Good morning! I am officially looking for testers now - I could use 2 or 3.

I used Ice Yarns softly baby which is a DK weight - a little on the thicker side. I used approx 70 grams, or 160 yards. The bag without the handles is 8” w x 10” tall.

Testing timeline: please complete by October 21at, 2019. If circumstances arise that you cannot complete in this timeframe let me know.

Here is a flat picture:


I would love to test knit this. May I use a yarn that isn’t necessarily “Holiday” in color? Also, do you have a completion date? My DK weight yarn has a bit of a sheen to it, in silver, tan and grey. Yarn is Premier Garden, color is Pebble.


Well I have never been a tester in knitting but I’d like to give it a knit. The bag is very cute and would make a very nice gift with some goodies inside. Or a knitting bag would be very nice as well, goodness lots of uses : ) If I don’t make the testers list I’ll be very glad to get the pattern in the marketplace when its out. That marketplace is very nice set up. Thanks Char

@Fiber Passion - I would be honored to have you be a tester! :slight_smile:

@knitter131 - you are welcome to use that if you would like. Do keep in mind you may lose some of the texture pictures with a variegated yarn. Very pretty yarn!

@Char Yes, you are correct. Maybe I will shop for some DK weight before I start…