Knitting Pattern App

I just found this while browsing Pinterest. Looks like a knitting pattern generator that will be updated with patterns other than sweaters as well. They are offering free access to the first 500 responders. I requested an invite. Not sure how it will work out, but it seems interesting.

@yarnforall I secured an invitation as well, thanks for the heads up!

You are welcome @FreedomLover ! It looks like it will be a nice app.

I also secured an invite, thanks for providing the info! Sweaters aren’t my normal activity, I’d like to learn how it works.

Very cool, thanks for sharing!!

@knitter131, I know. Me too. But it is nice to have a good resource if I want to make one.

@knitter131 and @Miamifiberco, you are welcome!

@yarnforall Very cool…thanks for sharing.

Just an FYI to the group…the pre-release coming out is only for IOS. If you ask for the invite, when you get your email this info is included in that. I kind of feel like I took away an invite from someone else since I’m on Android. The email confirmation did give me the opportunity to ask to be included on the Android pre-release list, but they don’t say if that’s also free or not.

I have an Android as well but DH has an iPhone, I guess he’s about to have a knitting app. :wink:

@FreedomLover Ha! I do hope they come out with the Android version soon.

I was able to get one too. Here is the link if anyone else wants to try it.

I secured an invitation also, it’s a website that help you design your own patterns

I’m so excited to see a new app for knitting patterns! I’ve been knitting for years, but I always find it a bit of struggle to find the perfect pattern.