Knitting/Crochet Podcasts

I know this has been discussed before, but it looks like it’s been a while. What are your favority knit/crochet podcasts, and why?

Following to see what others watch. I kinda’ like the Sheepishly Sharing podcast by Margaret Olander. I’m one who doesn’t want to listen to a lot of chitter-chatter non-related to knitting, spinning, weaving, etc. I don’t really want to hear what the dear sweet soul did with her kids this week, or what they plan to do for a vacation, etc. My time is valuable! Margaret does a pretty good job, at least the ones I’ve watched, of staying on task with useful information. If they are the type to do a lot of chit-chat, I find myself skipping ahead to the actual discussion about whatever topic I’m learning from. Fruity Knitting is another one I rather like–a husband-wife duo.

I’ve been watching: Knotty Knit Wits and Needles at the Ready on YouTube. And for an audio-only podcast, I Thought I Knew How. The first two a re a little chatty, but I find it entertaining. I Thought I Knew How is very on-topic.