Knitted sweater patterns for handspun yarns

I have a couple of handspun yarns in the works, and both are large enough batches for sweaters. Both of the ones I currently have are going to be variegated colors, not solids. One is chain-plied, so the striping is a bit more evident, but the other I plan to do a fractal spin. At this point, I think they will both be about DK weight, which is my go-to spin weight for a large batch. I’m looking for some good sweater patterns (cardigan or pullover, short or long-sleeved) that do well with handspun with a bit of unevenness–not exactly perfect like some of you spinners are, but not hugely uneven, either, so probably it could be a DK weight pattern and still be good. Not sure if this should go in the spinning forum or the knitting forum–so I’ll try it here and see what I get for answers! Any suggestions?

I’m so impressed that you can spin enough for a sweater! I spin on a hand Turk so no experience to add. I’m back to a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern for the cardigan I’m knitting now because I like the ease and like the top down approach (I can try on as I go).

Do simple patterns highlight any unevenness? Is it better to use a pattern that has some lace or stitchwork? Asking because I don’t know.

Personally I love using my handspun. I can’t wait to read the responses and see what you decide (and hope you share pictures).

A few years ago I knit Nonpareil. It calls for aran weight yarn (Berroco Blackstone Tweed), but could be fairly easily adjusted or DK weight yarn. You could also probably find a similar pattern written for DK weight. The Blackstone tweed isn’t perfectly even, but it worked well with this cardigan. I think what worked so well is that it’s not a sea of stockinette. The body of the sweater is broken up with a textured waistband and also by the long ribbing and textured collar and button band. The textured areas take advantage of the rustic qualities in the yarn and don’t make it look odd that the stockinette areas have some variation due to the yarn’s texture.

The pattern is in this booklet.

You can Google if you want the booklet. It is available here:

I have Lisa Lloyd’s A Fine Fleece book, which is dedicated to sweater patterns for handspun. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at it (Fylingdales has been in my queue for a year now) so I don’t remember all the details, but there’s lots of info about the considerations involved in handspun sweaters – and of course, plenty of patterns :slight_smile: