KnitPal - Hand dyed collegiate color yarn for you to express school pride

[SIZE=14px]A few years ago, while getting ready to knit an item for my best friend, who is an avid supporter of his school team, I went looking for the colors of the school he supported online. When I couldn’t find a yarn brand that could tell me the color of the yarn 100% for sure, I decided that I would dye the wool myself. And, so, the dyeing studio was born from humble beginnings. I currently have color combinations for more than 25 major schools. I always welcome custom dyeing.

I am in the midst of campaigning for kids who do not have much in Pine Ridge Reseaversation. I am donating 3 pairs of kids’ socks with every order received. My goal is to be able to donate a few hundred pairs for the coming winter. Please help us to spread the word. Our website: [/SIZE][SIZE=14px][/SIZE]



@susanwayne another huge advocate for Pine Ridge! :slight_smile:

very nice colors!

Thank Char. I’ll PM you about Pine Ridge.

Wow! Your colors are beautiful and seem spot-on! I’ll be watching to see what colors you add since I occasionally knit gifts for people in their college colors.

One thing I’d suggest (not that you asked - LOL) is to change the name of your “Kansas Purple”. That’s Kansas State’s color. (Kansas is crimson and blue.) Since whoever is knitting or crocheting the item might not know the school colors, it could keep someone from blindly buying based on the name.

It is very kind of you to make a suggestion. I have made a major change in Yarn page, to make it easier for crafters to shop. I do custom dyeing as well:-)

@caseywen I may have a need for your custom services. I have a few items to make for friends out of state who attended different universities. I’ll message you when I’m ready. Thought I’d get that done before the holidays, but some things have come up that have everything pushed back. :frowning:

I am happy to help. you may write to me directly at

I would like to share sales events on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Hope to see you there.