June 2022 Chatter - Crafting on the go!

@hereami had a wonderful suggestion for June’s chatter thread.

How do you craft one the go? I’ve tinkered with English Paper Piecing, when I am physically able I like to knit socks. Both are extremely portable.

My Summer crafting usually consists of sock-knitting in the car to and from the Cape when I don’t have to drive, and knitting and spinning on the deck with a good audiobook on the Kindle app (or sometimes just listening to the birds.) I do less sewing because my room gets really hot. And I am still working on my crocheted Summertime Granny Squares, which are somewhat portable if I just take out the colors I need and put them in a separate bag. We are going to try to finish all of our current DIY projects in June so that we can take the rest of the season to enjoy more walks, hikes, and day trips.

Lately my, Crafting on the Go, work has been disorganized.
I am going to try to fix that this week.

My Wip this week is an example of me running to my yarn stash grabbing ‘something…anything’ just before rushing out of the house. I grabbed the dark brown acrylic and a pretty hook. Wanting to keep my body as still as possible during church, I chose to do a 10 stitch Tunisian strip. Yesterday, I started to sew up what I have.
I am designing as I go with this one. At this point it could end up as anything. A summer purse/bag, a stuffed bunny, or a cozy blanket for a small human.
Who knows…

What are you guys working on?


I’ll take sleeves for whatever sweater I am working on. Or sometimes a sock.

Very cool! I really enjoy Tunisian ten stitch but I wouldn’t have the patience to sew together pieces. Can’t wait to see what it ends up as.

I have been so obsessed with crocheted baskets that I’ve decided that I’ll put it to use. I’m making smallish baskets for Christmas gifts. Some will have candy in them, some might have colored pencils or whatever. Planning to do one sized especially for tea bags for my daughter who is giving up coffee and switching to herbal tea. It’s helping me really make good progress on my stash busting and it’s completely portable. I’ll try to remember to post some of the finished ones for FO Friday but Fridays are hectic so if not I’ll post them on Saturday … is there an S word for absent minded? The second basket is finished except for embellishments. I’m trying out a few different patterns for flowers and butterflies to add to some of the baskets. And this one will also have something added to be a “knob” on the lid. I am still working on the lid pattern. Not entirely happy with that yet.



Off topic sort of. A while back we were talking about birds getting sick.
I took my morning walk today with my dog, Mr. Darcy, and found two dead and rare yellow beaked Magpies in the park today. I found the number my county wanted me to call. They are very interested in dead magpies. I was told that they could not go onto public land (park) to collect the birds and asked if I could collect them and hold them until someone could retrieve them. I agreed. They came, collected them, and left me information so I can track testing results. I found it odd they could not go onto the park, they are Sacramento Mosquito and Vector Control. They set traps and spray for mosquitos just about everywhere when it is deemed necessary.

A few years ago we had so many of these birds that they were almost a nuisance. They would loudly land in large groups on my lawn and be bold enough to charge my dog who was inside the house behind a locked screen door. This year, I have seen maybe 10 in my neighborhood.

Today…a couple of magpies followed me home and cried out vocally for about an hour after I put the collection bag in the shade at the end of my property.

We do have the West Nile virus in our area. I don’t know what else they will be testing for.

Yes it is west nile virus that especially decimates the corvid birds. They are magpies, crows, blue jays, etc.
We used to tons of them here too, but I rarely see them now.

I love your baskets. What a great idea. What yarn do you use?

There is also bird flu that is really bad this year. From what I understand, a small number of corvid species have been affected, but it is mostly larger birds. The CDC has a site tracking it and I found an interesting article about it on Birds & Blooms.


So sad to think they were upset about the dead birds.

Can I SQUEE here for a non-fibery crafting achievement? I entered both Sarah’s Choice and Maggie’s Strength in the Selah Awards. They were 2 of the 10 finalists. The announcements came this evening… Sarah’s Choice WON the award… Maggie’s Strength was 2nd! I’m just… gobsmacked. Thank you for letting me gush a little.

Pegg's Selah.jpg

@Hellokitten I use any yarn with good “body.” I’ve used two strands of RH Super Saver a lot and sometimes even a single strand. But I don’t have much success with yarns like Caron Simply Soft or anything that you would say has good drape. The one with the lid is Lion brand Wool ease Thick and Quick which is really great for this purpose as is the Bernat Super Chunky… I can’t remember but I think it’s called Softee Chunky? The purple one here was not a yarn I would have thought would work but I used the smallest hook I could manage, held two strands together and gave it a try. It’s finished now and it worked great. It was a chainette type yarn from my subscription box I used to get. Vidalana something. You can only get it through Knitcrate.

Heck yes you can SQUEE over that!! That is fantastic!! Congratulations!!!

Woo Hoo!! That is so awesome!!
Time to celebrate.


Thank you! My feet haven’t quite hit the ground again yet.

Yeah, I’ve seen some knitted basket patterns, but they all specify that you have to put a liner or box inside to get them to hold their form. I really just need to get down to actually learning to crochet, but I have so many items on my “to make” list that it always gets put off. I did learn how to do a single chain in April though, so I at least got around to that!

Congratulations :heart:

My craft on the go is knitting, mostly it’s a small WIP without difficult pattern.