June 2020 Sock KAL - Something fishy is going on!

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer! Where I live we almost skipped over spring - what happened to those nice breezy 70 degree days?

This month our pattern of the month will be a cascade pattern: Cascade Fisherman Socks
Our color will match the socks pictured this month: Purple
And our theme will be the beach - whether that means fishing, swimming, or sea shells to you - go with it! :slight_smile:

As always, you may use any sock pattern and color you wish and still be eligible for the drawing (I’ll find some in my stash I hope you’ll like), you may also amend for your preferences (size, heels, toes, whatever).

@Sings4joy is donating a bag from her Earthwise Emporium store on Galilee Life. The bags are approximately 5” x 8” (the gold and black bags are closer to 4” x 8”. Please show her store some love! Thank you so much for donating!!!


Got my pattern downloaded on my tablet in KnitCompanion and have my yarn packed for my flight tomorrow! Hope to get a lot of knitting done! This is a pretty pattern. Unfortunately, they will be a green tweed since I don’t have any purple sock yarn on hand, but I think they will still be pretty! I love the pattern design. I’ll probably stick to this pattern instead of my usual FLK heel pattern, but I do plan to do 2 at a time.

Hoping to find lots of knitting time in the evenings while visiting my folks. Mom goes to bed early (7:30 or 8!) and Dad likes to sit up and watch Fox News till 10. I also have a summer sweater I ordered the yarn for and had it shipped down there to work on. I might be a bit overly ambitious… But all good knitters don’t ever just take the project they are working on, right??? (Oh yeah, I also have an afghan square I’m in the middle of and I am planning to try to finish that particular square as well. I want to finish that project up–it’s long overdue, but I have quite a few squares left. Not going to do them all on the trip, though. I’m about halfway through the whole project) . But the sock knitting project is perfect for on the plane and in the airport. (Oops, I might be a day or 2 ahead!)



I love the Fisherman’s Socks pattern, that’s been on my list for a while. I don’t think I have any purple sock yarn.

Any color will do, of course!

I know, just thinking “out loud.”

Did you guys see these socks in the free patterns group?

Anchor socks


Sounds good! I have a sock blank in a “sea glass” color that will be perfect for June, and I think it will work in the fisherman pattern.

I look forward to seeing that, I love that color.

I could use some help. I want to make the socks that are this month’s featured pattern, the Cascade Fisherman’s socks.

The pattern calls for 72 stitch cast on, and I would normally use 60.

​​​​​​I know the twists and cables will bring it tight a bit, but not sure how many I should cast on so they fit. Any ideas?

Since you usually cast on 60 for a good fit, and since cable stitches tend to cinch in a bit and are less stretchy than a rib, if you don’t want to swatch it… then I would probably choose to cast on either 64 or 66… removing either 8 stitches or 6 stitches from the pattern… whichever is easier to adjust the number of pattern stitches down to… (72 - 8 = 64 or 72 - 6 = 66).

Those are so cute!!

New to Fiberkind and am looking to learn new skills. I’m just delving into sock knitting today! I hope my anxiety over socks has been unwarranted…wish me luck!


Thank you!

Oh my - “hook line and sinker” - hehe I look forward to seeing your progress!

Oh good! We love welcoming people to our sock knitting addiction. Which technique are you going to use? Magic Loop, double point needles or two circulars? Cuff down or toe up? You didn’t think it was going to be easy to get started, did you? :).

I have a local friend who I talked into trying sock knitting and I promised to coach her through it - right before the pandemic lock down. She had all her supplies and was so excited to get started. I convinced her we could do it virtually. She got stuck on the heel so I even made a video with my very primitive filming techniques! If you get stuck on the heel turn, I have a video to share.

Confession, I have succesfully knitted one pair of socks before, but it was a few years ago with worsted weight and not a good worsted weight for socks regardless. I can’t remember the process well, so I am basically relearning and want to knit normal socks with fingering weight and the proper fibers. I will be using magic loop (which I’m obsessed with) and doing toe-up two at a time. No second sock syndrome for me, thanks. I will be following a KAL on knitfreedom.com and am looking forward to branching out to different patterns and heels and such once I get the basics down. Any suggestions/input would be welcome!

If you already know magic loop you should be fine, but we’re all here to help if you need it. I also knit socks TAAT, so any unintentional design enhancements get done to both socks. :wink:

@Sings4joy is donating this month’s prize from her Earthwise Emporium store this month - you get to choose from one of these bags!

Thank you so much for sponsoring this month’s KAL!! Please show her store some love. :fk:


Thank you @Sings4joy! They’re lovely.

@Char and @FreedomLover I’m so happy to join in the fun!! :fk: