June 2020 Sock KAL - finished objects only please - no chatter

Happy June everyone! I hope everyone gets to enjoy a day at the beach this month. Please remember the following:

  • This thread is for finished socks only - please keep the chatter to the chatter thread. It makes it easier to pick a winner. :)
  • You may post the following entries: [LIST]
  • For the first sock (or two through the heels)
  • for the completed pair
  • for using a featured pattern
  • for using a featured color
  • for using the featured theme
[/LIST] You may knit any socks and they still count, you may alter for size and preferences. We like socks! 😀 :fk: 🧦

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Good morning! I hoped to finish these yesterday, but got too tired. So, literally just off the needles is my first pair of socks for June completion :slightly_smiling_face:. Yarn is Berroco Comfort Sock, pattern is my own 2x2 lacy rib.


These are great!

Love these!!

Thank you, @Kathy7661 :blush:

I just finished my first pair of socks! I decided to go with a worsted weight wool/nylon blend to learn with. This was much easier than I was anticipating…so now, on to sock yarn!

Wow, they are so pretty! And your first pair - how exciting for you :blush::blush:

They look great!

These are fantastic!


Guys - before too long I am guessing she’ll be bitten by the sock bug!

Already cast on my second pair!

Congrats on your first pair! And welcome to the sock addict’s club :socks::footprints::socks:

This was a bittersweet knit. Adrienne Fong aka bellybuttonknits passed away last September. She left one last beaded sock pattern for Sock Madness. The lace forms an angel that appears to be holding up knitting needles.


Those are very lovely. :slight_smile: BBK and her beads! :slight_smile:

These are beautiful, what a lovely tribute to her.

She designed the best socks! These are beautiful :blush::blush:

So appropriate.

When she passed we did some of her patterns that month in her memory.

I had not heard about her passing. I’m so sad to hear it. Her The Lady of Lorien socks were my first beaded socks and I still wear them. Her designs are gorgeous and you certainly did these Justice. Beautiful.

I just finished these tube socks for my Grandson. I started them in May, finally finished!