July 2021 Sock KAL - Finished Posts Only - NO CHAT POSTS

This thread is for your finished socks. Posts should be finished socks only but you may give compliments as Comments below the post. We do this to make it easier to pick a winner with a random number generator. Please feel free to chat away in our Sock KAL Chat thread.

We have a prize drawing at the end of each month. The prize winner is selected by random number generator and each entry is a chance to win the prize. You are eligible for up to four entries. Please make a seperate post for each entry. You may post the following entries: [LIST=1]

  • Picture of the first finished sock (or two through the heels). Any socks started this month count.
  • Picture of a completed pair. Any socks completed this month count. Socks started before the beginning of the month may be finished and entered as a completed pair.
  • Picture of a finished pair that uses a pattern that goes with the monthly theme. Please include the name of your pattern and how it coordinates with the theme.
  • Picture of a finished pair that uses the featured color. [/LIST] It's time to go to the beach. Watch out for sharks! Our theme this month is Sharks! Cute pattern idea for someone who would love shark socks: https://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/shark-socks

    Our color this month is grey.

    Bonus entry if you watch a shark movie like Sharknado or Jaws while you knit. Share a picture of you knitting with sharks on the TV screen! We’ll trust you if you tell us what shark movie you watched.

    Our prize for this month is a skein of Regia Pairfect.


  • Two socks finished through the heels. The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll fingering, “Pumpkin”. This is the first time I did a the FLK heel with a cuff down sock. Works great!


    These are gorgeous! And fall will be here before we know it.

    Looks wonderful!



    Those are beautiful Kathie!


    I finished my second stripey shorty sock for myself. This pair took a bit more finagling to come out close to identical than the ones I made for my sister-in-law last month, and they didn’t come out completely identical, but they are close enough that you have to really look to see the differences. The only exception is on the first sock where there is a solid blue line, a solid grey line, and a solid white line, rather than the faux fair isle sections, but that was the yarn and I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m still super pleased with how cute they came out! Together they are barely 60 grams and I actually had enough left over that I could have easily done the heels in the same yarn, but I like it with the grey heels, and they also give me the extra entry for the July color, so it’s all good!

    Cezanne Stripey Socks 14 July 2021.jpg

    And another entry for the grey heels and the grey and white faux fair isle sections.

    Cezanne Stripey Socks 14 July 2021.jpg

    Your socks look great!

    I finally finished two socks through the heels between packing and unpacking. I had to sit and rest sometime, so got them finished. Yarn is KP Stroll in Rainstorm Heather, a beautiful blue-green.


    Pretty socks! Are you moved into your new place?

    Love the color!! Enjoy your new place.

    Nice! I hope you find someone to sit 'n knit with. :slight_smile:

    And finished!



    Very pretty!

    Love the pattern and color.

    Thanks, @Pegg Thomas and @DJM. It was a fun pattern

    I finished my first zig-zag lace two-color sock. The pink is a hand-dyed cashmere/superwash blend that a friend gave me, and it is SO pretty (so much prettier than it looks in the picture, it’s actually a hot pink variegated with almost white pale pink and almost lavender) and SO soft! I’m really happy with how well it turned out and can’t wait to finish the second one so I can wear them!

    Zig Zag Lace Sock #1 1 24 July 21.jpg

    Zig Zag Lace Sock #1 2 24 July 21.jpg

    Oh the colors are gorgeous and I love the zigzag