July 2021 Crochet FO's

Show off your finished projects completed this month! :fk:

I finished a tunic top.

DSCN7427 (2).JPG

How cute!


Great job!
Love the color.

Thank you.

I finished this cute bucket hat test last week, but had to wait for the pattern release to share.
Checkered Crochet Bucket Hat is a new free pattern on Ribblr. It’s written for both knit & crochet in multiple sizes.
I used Lion Brand Coboo in Lichen & Mauve. It’s super soft and lightweight.

Crochet Version -----> https://ribblr.com/pattern/checkered…et-hat-crochet
Knit Version -----> https://ribblr.com/pattern/checkered…t-hat-knitting



Bucket hats are very popular with the young people over here.
Thank you for the links.

You did a great job on the hat. Love the colors.

I finally got a chance to block this pretty this morning. Viennese by Patricia Kristoffersen from her book Coffee “N” Cream Doilies.
I used Cebelia #20 in soft grey. It’s supposed to be a gift, but I really wouldn’t mind keeping it.


It’s beautiful!

Thanks @DJM !

I finished this Split Rail Cowl & published the pattern on Ribblr. It should keep me warm once we’re past our scorching summer. :blush: