July 2021 Chatter

Good morning all - here is the (day late and a dollar short) July chatter thread.

Here in the USA we celebrate our Independence Day. What is everyone up to this weekend? Anything special? :us::star_struck::tada: :heart:

The community watch group I serve as secretary in is working at a community Independence Day Breakfast on Saturday morning (yep, small-town Utah, we tend to move things off of Sundays!) and I get to be there from 6-11 AM! Not really looking forward to getting you at 5AM to be there on time (the town it’s in is about a 30 minute drive from where I live) but we get to put up a table with info about our group, so hopefully it will give us some traffic and interest as were always looking for more members! Then on Sunday my family is getting together to have a BBQ and just celebrate together.

Our forecast is rain, rain, and more rain, so I am thankful I had a good birthday week up until now. I will be heading back home to Boston Saturday and will be watching the Boston Pops and fireworks on tv Monday night. I’m sure I will get some knitting and spinning done this weekend!!!

We’re putting up hay. It’s late this year. We usually have it in the barn the 3rd week of June. It’s been a weird weather spring/summer so far. If all goes well … we may get out fishing one evening. :slight_smile:

We plan on taking some time to celebrate on Sunday with extended family.
Fun, Food and Fireworks.
woo hoo!

We will be viewing what California calls ‘safe and sane’ fireworks. Unless a neighbor brings some over from another state. Those actually go into the air and burst.
Fire danger is huge out here, as it is in other western states. The authorities have really increased the fines and penalties for having the ‘illegal’ ones.

Hello everyone! I’m hoping to be a regular poster again, as things are getting back into something resembling a routine. I suddenly became a caregiver, had to move and combine two households, and have sorted more stuff than I can describe. I fear the local charity shop will fear seeing me at their donations bin at some point. I’m not done but I’m at a place where things are beginning to look possible. I haven’t crafted at all, and probably won’t for a while, but someday I look forward to playing with yarn and fabric again. Another family member will be stepping in toward the end of July so once I’ve got all the stuff dealt with I’ll actually have “me” time again. I’m trying to catch up and love reading all the posts I’ve missed, you’ve all been in my thoughts.

It is finished object Friday - did you finish anything?

Finished this quilt. :). Just in time for the retirement party. :fire_engine: :woman_firefighter:


WOW! Beautiful! @Char you are a quilting queen :crown:

@Natalia thank you :slight_smile:

My FO (The Cellist) and new WIPs (The Hatter and The Ram) of this week
The needlerolls are free pattern done by LivingOnTheRainbow

Being a caregiver is so hard. I hope everything calms down and you get a bit of your life back. How far did you have to move? You must be sad to be away from your grandkids.

I finished the socks I made for my sister-in-law this week. Since her feet are so small, I have enough of this yarn left to make some for myself too. I am having to augment it with a complementary color, but there is still plenty to show off the cute yarn!

Wow! Just … wow!

Photos from the farm today. Got the 1st cutting hay in the barn. Took a few sheep photos, and the laying hens wanted equal time.

Wow you are busy!!

Too cute!


That is amazing! :heart_eyes:

Love how they match!!

Wow!! great quilt, way cool!