July 2020 FO's

Show off your July finished projects! :fk:

Good morning! Just pulled this blanket out of the dryer. It is for my nephew who is getting married on Friday. I wasn’t procrastinating, I just found out on June 20th this was happening! Eek - I really need more notice. But - I’m glad it is done.


It looks fabulous!

Good morning everyone! I finally finished my granny baby blanket, made of DK weight. Should be pretty in pink for some little one.



Beautiful! I love the swirl effects. :slight_smile:

Wow. Was it a WIP…or are you fast with the crochet hook?
Love this cozy blanket. I am sure he and his bride will love it.

Well done!

@hereami - not a WIP. Just fast on the hook, and some spare time when customers didn’t need me. :slight_smile:

Wiggle Crochet! What a fun project! I used #10 thread. It measures 8" x 8", 1/2" thick & is very dense. Perfect tea pot trivet.



This is just too cool. It’s like our version of AstroTurf. Lol

Beautiful! Lucky baby.

This is really cool! I need to look this method up. Still think it would make a neat accent rug.

Thanks y’all!

Very different! I like it.

Holy moly! It would take me a year to finish something that big! Hahahh! Looks great and will make a lovely heirloom. :heart:

@Snoogins - thank you :slight_smile: Not sure how I did it that fast. My hooks knew I had to fly.

I finished my stat baby blanket for a boy. It’s 45” and crochet with Bernat Baby Sport.



It’s so cute! Another lucky baby somewhere.

That is a beauty!

@ReneCall It is cool. Very cool and I think you should try it. My problem wasn’t the rug itself, it was the spot I was making it for. There wasn’t enough clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor. I really wanted to use the yarn I had so chose a different technique for the rug and then somehow never made wiggle again. We’d love to see it if you do give it a go!