Joann isn't selling remnants!

I am so sad I went into the newly opened store here (tornado took it out) and there were no remnants! Clerk said they aren’t selling them. QQ oh well I’ll just have to go to Hobby Lobby, just another reason to stop going to Joann’s. What are your favorite online fabric shops!?

Odd - our Joann’s has a lot of remnants!!

I have been drooling over Missouri Quilt company recently. Especially their quilt as you go stuff. :slight_smile:

hmmm, they wouldn’t say why or what they are doing with them. I don’t understand!

I have to second the Missouri Star Quilt Company endorsement. I also love watching their YT videos. If anyone is unfamiliar with the story of this company and the Doan family I highly recommend learning it, it’s a wonderful example of how love and hard work rejuvenated a small town.

I am sub’d to them I miss the man sewing off shoot lol. I’ll have to check out their store too then. :slight_smile:

I have to third the Missouri Quilt Company! They’re pretty awesome, and with good quality and service.