January 2022 🛸

Happy New Year!!!

I am thinking that January is a good month for UFO finishing. I know most of us will have one or two UFO’s :flying_saucer:. :slight_smile:

If you would like, take a current status pic and a finished pic. :slight_smile:

Of course any projects and chatter is fine here. :slight_smile:

I like this idea.


I’m feeling even more pressure now! These mittens (thrummed-shown inside out) are like a cloud hanging over me. I don’t like working on them but I want them finished. I also need to make a smaller pair for my grandson. I want to try my new Chiagoo needles but I have forbidden myself until I get these mittens done. I will get them done by the end of January!

Goodness! I always wonder how there is room for hands inside thrummed mittens. But I’m sure wishing I had made some in time for this crazy cold were supposed to get this weekend since I’ve heard they are super warm.

Bummer. I bet my daughter is getting cold weather if you are and these are for her. I should have gotten them finished earlier.

This is my first attempt at thrummed mittens but from what I’ve heard, all those thrums mat down and make a nice warm layer. I have to knit them inside out because the two sides were intertwining.

Interesting. New concept for me.

I am cheering for you @lovestostitch . I think making these is a great accomplishment.
I did a quick youtube search. It seems you have to make each thrum and then knit them into the work as you go. right?
The lady I saw knitting them was knitting in the round using 4 larger wooden needles. (similar to the ones you use to knit socks…but much bigger)
So…all that to say…I think these are amazing. And they are going to look lovely when you turn them inside out. At that point I think I will be seeing thick, grey mittens with multicolor bits all over. Like confetti on a cupcake. Right??

@hereami - Yes, they will be a grey body with multicolor stitches all over. The way the thrums go on, they make a stitch shape on the front.

I’ve been working on it and I’m close to the end of the hand on #2. Then I have to do the thumbs, then start on two more for my grandson. At least his hands are smaller so his should be faster.

:sparkles:Happy New Year everyone​:sparkles: I hope you had a great New Years Eve and celebrated, or didn’t, according to your desires.

Within the next couple of days I am hoping to take inventory of my Wips and start working on them. It would be nice to have something completed this month.
If not completed, then somehow taken care of. I am sure I can pass along some yarn to my neighbor, or completely rip out at least one project.

I am looking forward to seeing what others want to get accomplished this month. (No pressure to perform intended) In the end…it’s just yarn. (or fabric…right @Char)

Fiberkind community, I hope you meet whatever craft goals you set for yourself.


Amen and Thank Goodness!

Well said, dear. :slight_smile:

The new Stashbusting MAL forum is up & ready for a new year of making!
2022 Stashbuster MAL

Happy New Year all! It is a rainy,
foggy, and by this evening snowy day here. We are homeward bound and this is a good thing.

I have (I think) three quilt tops all finished and ready to quilt. Time to get those finished. Then a quilt or two (ha!) that have the finished blocks just needs assembled and quilted.

I’m going to have to work on a Stashbuster for my fabric. I seriously have a problem. :slight_smile:

Oh - and I joined a declutter group on FB - 15 minutes a day they say…. It started today but I’ll be a day behind.

In my travels, I picked up this fabric in the clearance section. I think it is such a sweet fabric, and if I was going to make a Halloween quilt, this would be it. I wasn’t planning to buy fabric, but when hubby picked me up from a quilt shop with only a pattern purchased, he asked where the fork truck was. :rofl::rofl:. I said I was tempted and walked away. A few days later I went back and got these. :slight_smile:


and these fell into my cart from nearby clearance rack…. The patterns I just liked. :slight_smile:


That is all cute, but those kitties are to die for! :heart_eyes_cat: I am a big kitty fan and (cute) Halloween fan, so cute kitties in Halloween-y bows with Jack-o-lanterns ticks all my boxes! :orange_heart::black_heart::orange_heart:

I know there are a couple of unfinished cardigans lurking in my guestroom bureau. I will be getting to those.

Happy New Year FiberKind!
I became so overwhelmed at work last spring that I stopped visiting but I am very glad you are still here.

Welcome back!

We are!!! Good to see you again. Hoping life is slowing down a little and you have a chance to craft and share with us. :slight_smile: