January 2022 Sock KAL - Finished Socks Only - NO CHAT POSTS

This thread is for your finished socks. Posts should be finished socks only but you may give compliments as Comments below the post. We do this to make it easier to pick a winner with a random number generator. Please feel free to chat away in our Sock KAL Chat thread.

We have a prize drawing at the end of each month. The prize winner is selected by random number generator and each entry is a chance to win the prize. You are eligible for up to four entries. Please make a seperate post for each entry. You may post the following entries: [LIST=1]

  • Picture of the first finished sock (or two through the heels). Any socks started this month count.
  • Picture of a completed pair. Any socks completed this month count. Socks started before the beginning of the month may be finished and entered as a completed pair.
  • Picture of a finished pair that uses a pattern that goes with the monthly theme. Please include the name of your pattern and how it coordinates with the theme.
  • Picture of a finished pair that uses the featured color. [/LIST][B][U]This month's theme:[/U][/B] Something new! Never tried helical knitting, mosaic designs, short row heel? Try something new and let us know how you liked it.

    This month’s color: Something new to you. Never tried self striping yarn - try it this month. Never tried combining colors for scrappy socks - try it this month. Use your imagination!

  • One sock finished. This was yarn from a frogged pair that were too tight so I had to add more yarn. I’ll dye the naked toes when I’ve finished the second one. The yarn is bumpy from being frogged so I hope the spiral design will show up more after soaking.

    My new thing is a Reserved Slip 1, Knit 1 heel and I tried my new Chiagoo needles. The heel seems really bulky so I don’t think it will be my choice in the future.


    They look great! So what did you think of the Chiagoos?

    I like the naked toe!

    What color do you plan to dye it and how do you prevent the dye from bleeding into the green?

    I kinda like the naked toe too. But I am a big fan of the contrasting toe, heel, and cuff look. I would definitely be curious as to how you would dip dye the toe without messing up the color of the body.

    I dyed the yarn that teal color so I thought I would make up some more of the same color and dip the toe in first and then keep dipping deeper. Hopefully I’ll get a gradient with the toe having absorbed the most dye. I never get upset if my experiments turn out weird so I’ll have fun trying it.

    I love contrasting toes, heel and cuff too. If I had known I was going to run out, I would have done that.

    @KnitsWithHorses - I like the Chiagoos but I’m still getting used to them. I love the cable but the bend in the needles is a bit strange. I don’t really see the advantage of that.

    I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind the bend in the needle. I don’t even notice it anymore though. I just started using the Chiagoos a few years ago, maybe 3 or 4, and they are far and away my favorites now.

    The website claims that the bend helps with hand fatigue. Not all their needles have it, maybe just the really short needles?

    In the fixed stainless circulars, they have a choice of the regular tip and the lace tip. The regular tip has the bend in the needle, the lace tip is straight. Since I’m prone to pushing on the tip of my needle, I chose the regular tip. I’ve punctured myself with the HiyaHiya sharp tips. The regular and lace are both longer needle tips. I don’t like short needle tips. They make my hands cramp and when I knit socks Magic Loop, I like to slide the half I’m working on onto the tip.

    I don’t often do magic loop but I have a pair of
    lace points with the bent needle that I use for it. One of my older needles but I don’t think it’s Chiagoo because the cord is different. Unless they changed the cord in recent years? I also push the one I’m working onto the tip so a short needle would not work. I’m fixing to share a photo with these needles in the main chat thread as I found them with a mysterious UFO on them. Lol

    @lovestostitch I have the same problem with short needles, for some reason they always make my hands cramp. I always opt for the 5" tips and magic loop whenever possible. I prefer to get all (or at least most, depending on what I’m working on) of the stitches onto the tip, it just works better for me that way and results in far less hand pain.

    Finished pair.

    Update. I dyed the toes and they turned out really well.



    New thing - Reversed Slip 1, Knit 1 heel. It’s hard to see with the bumpy, frogged yarn and the nubs. I’ll take another picture after I soak it if it smooths out.


    They look great!

    First sock finished.


    Here is the pair finished. Sorry about the poor photo quality. I don’t have my sock blockers at hand at the moment.


    They look great. How do they feel with the mosaic on the sole?

    @lovestostitch I wore them all day today. I do notice the texture but it wasn’t unpleasant or annoying. But then I wasn’t on my feet for long periods at a time. If I was doing a lot of walking or standing I think it might bother me. But just walking around a grocery store, for example, was fine. And they are warmer than my single color socks.

    January Rainbow Monster Socks past the heel turns. I finished one of the heels tonight but pic was taken this afternoon.
    My goal is to finish them before the Blizzard is over tomorrow! (That is if I don’t have to do a lot of shoveling!